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Training in martial arts can get expensive. Because of that, training at home is a viable option. However, it’s more challenging to progress that way. Because of that, you must understand the advantages of training in a solid class. 

On the other hand, learning to fight at home is possible; Here’s are five main ways you can learn martial arts at home.

  • Buy equipment for your home
  • Purchase an online course
  • Follow a youtube channel
  • Train with friends
  • Read a martial arts book

In this article, We’ll focus on the best ways you can learn martial arts at home. Thus you’ll understand what steps you need to take to start from today. Again, there are many aspects to learning how to fight. At home, they get challenging. 

If you’re a beginner, you reached the appropriate source. You’ll be able to understand where to start from; and where should your end goal be. Hence we’ll try to minimize the effects of not training in a martial art school. If you’re an experienced fighter, this post will highly benefit you- as well. 

Yet, most people who learn and train at home will have a challenge progressing. Because you need the visual demonstration to completely understand how to perform a movement, not having that is demanding. Additionally, you won’t have people with to spar. As a result, you won’t have any genuine fighting experience. 

I highly encourage you to check out an article titled the five reasons martial arts is more than just fighting. It correlates with this post, and you can broaden your knowledge. 

Can you learn martial arts at home?

At times, training martial arts in a certified school can get costly quickly. As a result, one may not be capable of investing that amount of money in fighting classes. Yet, there are clear advantages to training in a school. So, is learning martial arts at home even a possibility?

Learning martial arts at home is possible and can be effective. There are various ways one can choose to train and practice any fighting style without an instructor. However, if not done appropriately, progressing gets incredibly challenging. Yet, it’s likely you can advance at home. 

Again, it’s entirely possible to learn a fighting style at home. For instance, you may follow a YouTube channel that explains everything about the art. Consequently, you’ll be able to choose which one you want to learn. Additionally, you’ll be able to train whenever you want and not rely on others. 

That said, it’ll demand more of you rather than an instructor. When you attend certified classes, you won’t have to worry about anything other than the techniques themselves. As a result, you’ll progress more quickly, as your focus will be on what matters. 

When training at home, you’ll have more on your mind. Thus progressing will be more demanding of you. Not only will you need to stay consistent, but you’ll also be thinking about what to learn next. Hence you’ll have to invest more effort and time into training. 

Because of that, many people who begin learning martial arts at home will not stay as consistent with training. From personal experience, I’ve learned Shaolin Kung fu for a lengthy period, and it was incredibly challenging. I had to choose the style I wanted to train in while not knowing anything about the art. 

Additionally, I had no supervision. I made numerous mistakes when I began, making them difficult to fix later. As a result, my progression rate was slower than the average technique. 

That said, training martial arts at home has many advantages. Thus some may find it easier to learn these fighting styles in a friendly space, such as your room. Furthermore, you may find it easier to find time for training, as you’re not relying on more people. You’re your own boss. 

Cost of training martial arts at home

You may not be willing to invest money in martial arts, and that’s totally understandable. However, to train at home, you ought to buy essential equipment that’ll assist you in progressing faster. For instance, if I were to learn Boxing at home, a punching bag would be of value. 

On average, the cost of training martial arts at home is $183. That includes a punching bag, Boxing gloves, and an online course. Yet, various martial arts will require no investment, such as Shaolin Kung fu, Tai chi, and Qigong. To learn to fight appropriately, buying the essential gear is wise. 

ItemCost ($)
Boxing gloves$37
MMA gloves$26
Punching bag$73.8
Online course$18
The average cost of the listed items

I learned Kung fu at home without any online purchase. That said, you will progress faster if you buy essentials, such as Boxing gloves and a punching bag. As time went on, I wanted to learn advanced skills, as I became proficient in the basic ones. That forced me to buy an $18 online course. 

I’ve seen significant success with the gear I bought. It assisted me in developing the techniques I learned to a whole better level. As a result, I highly encourage you to check out the products below. 

How should I learn martial arts at home?

That’s a solid question. Many ways are viable and will teach you martial arts. Because of that, knowing which ones are the best is crucial. I’ve tried plenty of ways, and only two have worked for me. As a result, I would encourage you to do the same. 

You should train martial arts at home by following a YouTube channel or buying an online course. Because you’ll have visual demonstrations throughout the course you’ll get, you’ll know what perfect is. As a result, you won’t guess but know that you’re progressing. 

Overall, I highly encourage you to do both. If you can follow a YouTube channel that’ll walk you through the process of learning to fight, you’ll be good to go. Additionally, if you combine that with an online course, you’ll ensure progression. 

Because of that, learning at home; is challenging. You won’t have an instructor to fix your mistakes. Thus in the beginning, you’ll find it demanding to learn and progress. However, if you stay consistent, I assure you- you’ll notice results sooner or later. 

Here’s the YouTube channel I followed to learn Shaolin Kung fu. I highly recommend you give it a look as it’s a solid channel with broad knowledge to share.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in buying a course, check out Udemy as they have plenty of cheap courses. I’ve bought a single course from there and I thought it was worth the money. Try to find a person you feel a connection to. That way, staying consistent will be effortless. Again, a combination of the two ways is ideal for learning martial arts at home.

Essential equipment to train martial arts at home


Everlast Punching bag

Having a punching bag is one of the wisest purchases you can make to your home. I believe there’s no other gear that’ll assist you in progressing like a punching bag. As a result, it should be your first purchase. 

This punching bag by Everlast is one of the best ones available. Currently, it’s the best one you can buy. I’ve seen significant success with it. Because of that, I’m confident in its fantastic delivery by Everlast. Additionally, it’s one of the most positive reviewed punching bags.

Training in martial arts other than Tai chi and Qigong will require buying a punching bag. That way, you can practice your techniques with an impact. So, you’re not just striking and kicking in the air, but you’re seeing how it feels. 

Consequently, it’s more manageable to become proficient in such techniques. Thus you’ll progress faster, and most importantly, you’ll have more fun. Additionally, you’ll have an effortless time making your training a physical workout. Because of that, you’ll better your physical shape by plenty. 

Overall, buying a punching bag is mandatory at some point. If you’re not attending a school, or even if you are, you need one of these to help you progress at home. Additionally, they make training more enjoyable. Thus staying consistent becomes less painful, and you’ll also burn more calories. 

Sanabul Elastic hand wraps

Sanabul elastic handwraps

Breaking wrists is the most common injury for Boxers and Kickboxers. When you strike upon a rough surface, such as a punching bag, you’ll have an impact on your hands because they’re the first body part to make contact. With time, you’ll need to keep them healthy by protecting them.

Sanabul Elastic hand wraps are the best way to keep your wrists healthy. Protecting your wrists is the most crucial part of training at home because it’s the most common injury spot. This product is one of the best quality and budget hand wraps you’ll encounter. Hence I encourage you to buy it. 

In my life, I’ve seen so many people breaking their wrists because they punched bare-handed. Over time, if you don’t wear them, you’ll develop injuries quickly. As a result, hand wraps are an essential item you should get.

According to a study, 17% of all boxing injuries are hand-related injuries. (Source) Consequently, you must protect them. That should be your priority, and you should combine ordering the punching bag with these hand wraps. 

Once you receive both items, you’ll notice that you’re not feeling any hand pain whatsoever. Although it’s common amongst Boxers, you’ll protect yourself. 

Furthermore, here’s a video explaining the importance of hand wraps. Additionally, you’ll learn to put them on appropriately, so you won’t get injured. 

Sanabul Boxing Gloves

Sanabul punching bag gloves

Like the hand wraps, the boxing gloves protect your hands. Most fractures from Boxing happen in the wrist. As a result, you must keep yours healthy. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to train, but you’ll also be injured. 

These punching bag gloves are a fantastic pair you won’t regret buying. They’re yet again one of the superior products in the industry, and I’ve seen success using them. They protected my hands and allowed me to avoid hurting my hands. Thus I encourage you to buy them. 

Furthermore, I recommend you purchase all three products I listed. That will allow you to use them not only to progress faster but also to avoid injuries. Hence there’s no going wrong with these products. 

Although the hand wraps protect your hand, having that extra layer of protection is crucial to keep it healthy for the long term. I’ve experienced a few injuries that were because I was practicing bare-handed. Doing that is somewhat unwise, and you should avoid it as much as possible. 

Should you learn martial arts at home or in a school

Learning martial arts at home

  • Training whenever you want
  • Training at home
  • You choose your instructor
  • Staying consistent is difficult
  • No social aspect
  • No sparring or visual instruction

Learning martial arts in a school

  • Social
  • Visual instruction
  • You’ll progress faster
  • Expensive
  • You can’t choose the instructor
  • You’ll have to travel to the school

If you’re interested in learning a martial art, you’re in for a treat. Whether you train at home or in a certified school, it’ll change your life. From personal experience, I’ve done both at home and in school, and I can tell you both are practical and valuable. 

While learning at a martial arts school will grant you more benefits, such as better social life and visual demonstrations, learning to fight at home is a viable choice. You’ll be in control of your training hours, and you won’t have to travel pre-training to the school itself. 

Yet, learning the fighting style with others and an instructor is valuable. Consequently, you’ll positively progress faster when you’re training with qualified individuals. So for most people, I would recommend investing that money in a solid school. 

Yet, training at home has done wonders for me and some of my friends. Consequently, you may find it more suitable not to invest plenty of money in martial arts. Instead, you’ll buy a punching bag and start learning techniques and other means. 

If your goal is to learn to fight or to learn self-defense as a whole, you’ll need to spar others. Sparring is when you and another person fight to practice the action of fighting. You’ll mostly be on protective equipment, such as gloves and headgear.

Sparring is incredibly meaningful when you want to do self-defense. You’ll understand the parts of fighting that intimidate you. Thus you’ll work on them not to be hesitant when fighting for real. Boxing at home won’t cut it if you desire to fight appropriately. 

Overall, if you’re interested in starting with martial arts, learning at home will provide you with the starting experience. You’ll be able to learn basic techniques, thus improving your abilities. However, if your goal is to fight, you can start at home. Eventually, you’ll have to spar and train with others. 

Training at home has given me the experience to decide whether I want to sign into a solid school. Eventually, I started training with others, as I desired to learn to fight. I’ve managed to improve my skills immediately when I beg

Best martial arts to learn at home

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced different types of martial arts. As a result, I can now share my experiences with you. While you may not be familiar with these martial arts, most of them are rather popular. 

Yet, that’s not the reason I’m recommending them to you. All of these martial arts are suitable for training at home. Thus if you can’t afford or are unwilling to invest money into this training, which is understandable, consider one of these fighting styles.

The best martial arts to learn at home are on the following list. 

  • Tai chi
  • Shaolin Kung fu
  • Boxing
  • Qigong
  • Kickboxing
  • Karate

I’ve had experience with all of the above. Thus it’s effortless for me to recommend these fighting styles to you. 

Most likely, you can see why these martial arts, in particular, are fit for home training. If you haven’t, all of the above don’t require sparring to learn. Although sparring is beneficial to make you a solid fighter, they’re aren’t mandatory. 

While various martial arts focus on the fighting realm, some focus on the spiritual world, such as Qigong and Tai chi.

Fighting SpiritualBoxingQigongKickboxingTai chiKarateShaolin Kung fuThe martial art you should choose depending on your goal

Tai chi

Tai chi is a martial art that focuses on the spiritual world instead of the fighting world. Because of that, if your goal is to become calmer, less stressed, and peaceful, that may be the fighting style you should learn. Overall, I highly recommend you to learn Tai chi, as I’ve seen success with it. 

Furthermore, it provides the trainee many benefits- such as increased confidence, developed Qi (soul), improved awareness, and calmness. These traits are highly desirable in today’s world; therefore, it holds value. 

You can train Tai chi at home without buying a single piece of equipment. Additionally, it’ll make you a calmer, peaceful, and stress-free individual. Consequently, Tai chi holds high value in the martial arts realm. Although you won’t learn to fight, you’ll develop your inner self.

I’ve seen significant success with Tai chi. I’ve been able to train in it at home in the last year or so. You’ll need some gear to complement your training in most martial arts. Yet, I didn’t need anything to combine my training. 

In the last period, I’ve seen many people disrespecting Tai chi. Because of that, I must say that if you hear anyone talking about Tai chi in that manner, you shouldn’t listen to them. They’re most likely not aware of the benefits. Thus they lack a primary understanding of martial arts. 

I’ll include a Tai chi video that’ll show you its capabilities. Simply by watching the video, you’ll become calmer and more peaceful. Now, imagine yourself going through the training itself. 

Shaolin Kung fu

Today, everyone is familiar with the Shaolin monks. They’re this peaceful, friendly group that trains in martial arts. When thinking of the benefits of learning a fighting style, I picture a Shaolin monk in my mind. You’ll be confident, calm, peaceful, stress-free, self-respect, and know to fight

Shaolin Kung fu utilizes both the physical and spiritual realms. While you’ll learn to fight, you’ll also learn to meditate appropriately. As a result, not only will you become a solid fighter, but you’ll also become more spiritual. Additionally, training it at home is possible and practical. 

I’ve always been intrigued by the Shaolin monks’ culture. They seem like they cracked the cheat codes of the world. They’re complete, happy, and qualified. For that, I started doing Shaolin Kung fu daily routines at home. If I can do it, you can too.

I’ll include the video I followed for the past period so you can start to train if you wish. I highly recommend you try, and I guarantee you won’t be able to perform the workout as well as the monks. They’re incredibly flexible and in great shape. 


If you want to become a solid fighter, Boxing is the fighting style you should learn. In addition, it’s not demanding to train at home. For that reason, if you’re looking to know how to fight while working out and getting in shape, consider it. 

Boxing is a martial art that utilizes punching in many ways to knock out your opponent eventually. Since the dawn of humanity, people have been fighting bare-handed. As a result, it’s one of the oldest martial arts. It’s unchallenging to train at home and requires little equipment. 

Many people dislike Boxing because of its lack of culture. Yet, I believe it’s one of the most exceptional fighting styles you should learn. Although it doesn’t involve any technique, such as grappling or choking, it’ll make you a solid fighter. 

In training, you’ll learn how to get hit without sweating it. As a result, in a self-defense situation, you’ll not be afraid of getting punched, which is crucial for self-defense. If you want to beat the hostile, you must close the distance between you two. Consequently, you’ll put yourself at risk on purpose. 

Additionally, you’ll learn how to punch powerfully. In most cases, the attacker won’t know how to defend himself appropriately. As a result, if you can land a single strike to the face or ribs, you’ll immediately have an advantage over the hostile. As a result, Boxing is a suitable martial art for self-defense and learning at home. 

Here’s a video of Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts in the history of his career. That shows you how much of a solid fighter you’ll become by learning to box.


Like Tai chi, Qigong is a martial art that focuses on the spiritual aspect. As a result, you won’t learn to fight by training it. Instead, you’ll develop your Qi quickly. Some of the benefits you’ll experience are calmness, peacefulness, and confidence. 

Qigong is a martial art that focuses on developing your inner Qi instead of teaching you to fight. Although all martial arts’ essence is teaching to fight, it’s not as practical for the world. Training it at home doesn’t require any equipment, and you can do it effortlessly. 

Again, some people dislike the idea of not learning to fight. Because of that, they suggest that it’s not a style. I recommend you to read an article of mine on why martial arts is more than just fighting

By training in Qigong, you’ll learn plenty about yourself. Additionally, you can combine the activity with another fighting style to maximize results. If your goal is to know self-defense while working on your inner self, Qigong is a suitable fit with another martial art. 

Here’s a video on a daily Qigong routine by a Shaolin monk. I’ve been doing it for a while now, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it as well. 


Like Boxing, Kickboxing will make you a solid fighter. Thus training in it is a wise choice. Additionally, you can do it at home with little equipment. Overall, it’s one of my favorites- simply because of the utility it will provide to the trainees. 

Kickboxing is a martial art that utilizes striking and kicking to knock out your opponent. Such a fighting style is effective for both self-defense and self-development. Additionally, you’ll need to buy a punching bag and boxing gloves at some point in your home training. 

Consistently doing Kickboxing will provide many benefits, including confidence, humbleness, higher pain tolerance, and becoming a solid fighter. You’ll know to react to self-defense situations and use the techniques you learned to ensure you’re coming out on top. 

Because you’ll learn how to kick and punch appropriately and powerfully, you’ll be capable of disabling an attacker quickly. Most Kickboxers can knock out a person who comes at them swiftly. Thus you’ll be able to use the techniques you’ll learn for self-defense. 

Additionally, you can learn it from home. That said, you must own a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves at some point. That way, you’ll have an impact when you strike and kick. Hence you’ll improve your power and technique tremendously. 

Next, you’ll be able to see a video about Kickboxing and the techniques you’ll learn. I highly recommend you to train it, as it’s a suitable martial art to learn at home and for self-defense


Karate is one of the best martial arts because of its rich history. You’ll be able to spot a broad background for it. As a result, staying consistent will be easier because you’ll learn while training. Thus you’ll feel a connection between you and the fighting style. 

Karate is a broad term for many fighting styles, such as Kenpo and Shotokan. It’s one of the most widespread martial arts in the world. Consequently, many qualified schools teach this incredible art. Furthermore, training it at home is possible and will lead to results. 

Like Kung fu, you can practice Karate both spiritually and physically. Thus many people who train it are also calm and stress-free. You’re most likely- seeing a returning motive in this post. Many martial arts I mentioned are about the inner-self- rather than the fighting realm. 

Learning Karate at home is uncomplicated. In fact, one can become proficient in the techniques without ever showing up to a proper class. If you want to master Karate- training at home isn’t sufficient. Instead, you’ll have to invest more time and money in attending a dojo. 

Eventually, doing Karate will be one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made. I know it’s plenty to assure, but I’m that confident. Starting from today, you can train in Karate from your home. Thus you’ll be able to progress without investing any money whatsoever. I highly encourage you to begin if you’re hesitant, as it’s one of the best martial arts ever. 

I wrote an article on whether Karate is suitable for self-defense. If you want to read more about it, I highly encourage you to follow the link to my writing.

Furthermore, I’ll include a video. If you decide you want to train in Karate, you should start by watching it. It’s a fantastic piece of content. Thus I believe you should begin by viewing it. 

Easiest martial arts to learn at home

Overall, the styles I mentioned in the previous section fit this section. Because they’re suitable to learn at home, there isn’t an easier one that learning with will provide an advantage over the others. They’re all arts and- you should embrace them all. 

The most painless martial arts- you should learn at home are in the following list. 

  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Shaolin Kung fu

Yet again, each one of them is possible to train at home. As a result, there isn’t the best one I can tell all of you to learn. Instead, they all provide value- others may not. 

For example, if you learn Tai chi, you won’t realize the practicality of fighting. However, if you pick up Kickboxing, you’ll become a solid fighter. As a result, choose the martial arts depending on your goal. 

In the previous section, I explained a bit about each fighting style. I highly encourage you to read that list again, as it’s super important. 

If you’re looking to invest no money in training, three martial arts will be most suitable. Kickboxing, Boxing, and Karate will require you to buy necessary equipment, such as a punching bag and Boxing gloves. You may end up investing more money on additional gear, such as hand wraps to protect your wrists.

On the other hand, if you decide to learn Shaolin Kung fu, Tai chi, or Qigong, you’ll be set without any equipment. At this specific moment, you can begin your training. How cool is that? 

I highly recommend you begin your training after you read this article, as you’ll see the most results from it. Additionally, the beginning is the most challenging in everything you do in life. As a result, the earlier- the better.

However, the most life-changing journey is ahead of you. Prepare to enjoy every bit of pain, joy, and calmness from this journey. I hope you can appreciate the arts for their entire style. They have a rich history, and thus you’ll be experiencing that as of today. 

How I managed to learn a martial art at home 

I’ve experienced martial arts in school and at home. Thus I can tell you how I managed to become solid in a martial art I’ve trained at home. Overall, it’s challenging. You’ll have to stay consistent, or you won’t notice any results. 

I learned Shaolin Kung fu at home because I was passionate about the culture and the martial art. As a result, it was effortless for me to go through the same drills every day. As a result, I became familiar with the basic techniques of the fighting style. Later, I had to buy an online course to continue. 

Home training

I found it challenging not to have an instructor telling you your mistakes. Instead, I noticed I was beginning to judge my form more than before. Hence I started to improve day after day.

Yet, if you have money to invest in martial arts, I recommend you do. It’s incredibly demanding to wake up every day and go through the same drills. You can train once a week if you wish. I found that when I was doing so, I wasn’t progressing. Instead, training often has helped me in becoming proficient. 

I wrote an article on how often you should practice martial arts. If you’re unfamiliar with that information, I recommend reading it after this article. 

Additionally, I didn’t want to buy a punching bag because I thought the price wasn’t worth it. However, that cannot be further from the truth. You’ll find that having this impact when you strike or kick is crucial for progressing faster. You’ll become more familiar with the techniques. Thus it’s completely worth it. 


Overall, training in martial arts at home is possible and practical. Furthermore, you’ll be able to progress if you train suitably. Because of that, knowing what to expect from your home training is crucial. 

Although you can practice martial arts at home, attending a fighting class may be wiser. Although it gets expensive, it’s an investment in yourself. You’ll develop yourself using the distinct aspects such a class can provide.

If you want to learn self-defense, there are martial arts you should practice. Follow the link to know which one they are. 

Overall, if you decide to start learning a martial art, you’re making the right choice. You’ll be able to notice many benefits naturally flowing your way, such as confidence and calmness. Thus it’s practical to practice one.


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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