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Training martial arts at home- is challenging. Most likely, you’ll be resorting to buying some gear to resemble training better. Nonetheless, BJJ and MMA are harder to do at home since you need to buy more equipment than the common martial art. For instance, to do shadow boxing at home, you don’t need any gear.

Buying a high-quality grappling dummy- is critical for training both BJJ and MMA at home. As a result, resorting to a low-quality one won’t make it any easier to progress. Instead, if you buy appropriate ones, you’ll find that progressing doesn’t seem as difficult as before.

This article will demonstrate how you can train martial arts at home using a grappling dummy. Every martial arts gym owns one. Because of that, if you wish to train at home, you must also buy one, as it’s a mandatory item that’ll boost your progress.

Before we begin, I want to note the importance of training with other people. A grappling dummy is a sandbox mode for real life. You can practice whichever grappling technique you want- without any resistance. However, that’s not the case in real life. Therefore, experiencing resistance from other trainees- is critical.

Overall Best Grappling Dummy

Aoneky 6ft Leather Unfilled Grappling Dummy

Aoneky 6ft Leather Unfilled Grappling Dummy
CharacteristicThe grappling dummy
Size72 inches
Cost per inch (Price/Size)1.667$
The cost per inch for every grappling dummy (Value)

I’m a big fan of grappling dummies because you can buy them once and use them until it becomes unusable. On the other hand, you’d have to pay monthly to attend Jiu-Jitsu or MMA classes. As a result, some may be unwilling to afford such an expense for a lengthier period. That’s when such equipment becomes effective.

Aoneky is a leading outdoor sports company. They’re of large-scale and thus you can trust them. Moreover, many of their customers pointed out that they’re reliable. As a result, buying their products- is wise. Nonetheless, let’s discuss this specific product.

This grappling dummy is durable and reliable. Its size is 6ft and weighs 2.3kg (unfilled). Such a size is solid because of its height and weight. It’ll resemble real-life situations as you’ll get used to the weight. On the other hand, some grappling dummies are smaller than that and therefore not as realistic.

The final metric I’ll discuss is its price, which is above average. In my mind, if you wish to progress as fast as possible, you must buy the best equipment available. Although that’s not everything in training, it’s a vital part. However, if you’re unwilling to spend as much money on a one-time purchase, consider the following product (the budget one).

I chose this grappling dummy as the best one for two primary reasons; first, the company behind it is reliable and is familiar with this area; and secondly, the size of it is realistic, and it’s from high-quality materials. As a result, buying this item- is a wise and an appropriate choice.

Best Budget Grappling Dummy

Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy

Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy
CharacteristicThe grappling dummy
Size40 inches
Cost per inch (Price/Size)0.875$
The cost per inch for every grappling dummy (Value)

Jayefo is one of the best companies from which you can buy grappling dummies. Their products are reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality. Moreover, their prices are lower than average. Thus they fit the criterion of the best budget product.

This grappling dummy is a fantastic product since it’s reliable and durable. However, the primary point Jayefo worked on with this item- is the high-quality materials. As a result, this dummy is worth the low price it’s for, as it’ll have a higher than average use time.

Its size is 40 inches (1m) and weighs 0.52kg, smaller than the previous product. However, unlike the overall best grappling dummy, it’s not from leather. Consequently, it’s of a lesser quality than it.

An important note is that this product is designed for kids specifically. However, adults can also use it with the appropriate goal in mind. Frankly, you can use it as a punching bag, and it’ll stay usable. However, the primary purpose of this item is to use it for BJJ, MMA, regular Jiu-Jitsu, and even Karate. So keep that in mind when purchasing it.

Finally, this product is a fantastic choice if your goal is to train at home. You can use it both to practice grappling techniques and as a punching bag. Consequently, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone unwilling to invest as much money on a grappling dummy.

Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ

Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Wrestling Dummy for Grappling

Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Wrestling Dummy for Grappling
CharacteristicThe grappling dummy
Size60 inches
Cost per inch (Price/Size)0.833$
The cost per inch for every grappling dummy (Value)

The fact that I featured the same company one recommendation after another is incredible. Jayefo overwhelmed me with the high quality compared to the low prices they present. As a result, buying their product lines- will reap benefits and is worth your money.

This grappling dummy is the best for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) since it’s incredibly realistic. Thus you can practice your grappling techniques at home and find yourself progressing. Although attending fighting classes is a wise choice, it’ll provide a platform to progress at home.

Moreover, its size is 5 feet, which is larger than the average grappling dummy- and its weight is 1kg (unfilled). Regardless, the company recommends filling the grappling dummy until it reaches a weight of 40-120lbs (18-54kg)

This fantastic product also provides numerous features that make it stand out in this crowded area. Some of them are:

  • Movable legs, arms, waist, and head
  • Can be in sitting position
  • Can lay straight
  • Unbreakable stitching
  • You can fill it with used clothes, blankets, and poly filters.

Finally, I encourage you to buy this product for BJJ purposes since it’ll provide a realistic experience. After all, that’s what is missing when training at home. Thus if you can fill what’s lacking, you’ll be progressing faster than if you had bought an unrealistic one.

Best Under $100

Judo Grappling Dummy

Judo Grappling Dummy
CharacteristicThe grappling dummy
Size70/59/47 inches
Cost per inch (Price/Size)1.114$
The cost per inch for every grappling dummy (Value)

FNine is a brand that constructs and sells martial arts equipment. Because of that, they’re familiar with this area of work. As a result, you can trust them with your money when it comes to buying such equipment.

This Judo grappling dummy is a fantastic buy for anyone looking to practice Judo along with other grappling-based martial arts. For example, one can also practice Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling with this grappling dummy. However, Judo is the most suitable one.

FNine specifically designed this product, so it’s realistic both for kids and adults. Hence it comes in various sizes, such as 70inches, 59inches, and 47inches (177cm, 150cm, 120cm). As a result, you can buy it for the purpose you desire to accomplish.

I recommend buying this product if you’re unwilling to pay for fighting classes every month. Moreover, if you’re interested in progressing at home while you’re not training at your local martial arts gym, this will also be suitable.

I fancy this grappling dummy because anyone can use it in a realistic manner. But frankly, many products out there aren’t suitable for adults or kids or aren’t high-quality. Well, this item is fantastic for all purposes, including Judo, BJJ, and wrestling, both for adults and kids.

Best Under $50

Generic Grappling Dummy

Generic Grappling Dummy
CharacteristicThe grappling dummy
Size70/59 inches
Cost per inch (Price/Size)0.514$
The cost per inch for every grappling dummy (Value)

Generic is a fantastic brand that constructs innovative products. One of the product lines is this grappling dummy, which is high-quality and suitable for all purposes. Mainly, if you’re willing to buy a valuable product that maintains a solid price range, I encourage you to buy this one.

This grappling dummy is suitable for wrestling, BJJ, and Judo. Additionally, Generic claims that you can use it as a punching bag since it’s incredibly durable and reliable; previous customers seem to agree. Finally, it’s high-quality because it has a lengthy use time and is reliable.

It comes in 2-sizes; 70in or 59in (177/155cm). Thus you can buy what fits best for you. Personally, I find that the larger the dummy (to a certain extent), the more realism you’ll find while training with it. As a result, you can progress faster if you buy a more significant size dummy.

The outer material is Polyester, which is incredibly durable and reliable. In fact, most high-quality tactical clothing that special forces operators use- is from Polyester. As a result, its quality is up there and thus you should buy this item.

Lastly, Generic offers a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Today, few are the companies that go to such lengths to ensure their customers are happy. Additionally, it says that they truly believe in the product, which is critical for its success. Thus I encourage you to buy this grappling dummy.

Should I buy a grappling dummy?

Today, some people are unwilling to invest monthly expenses in training in martial arts. As a result, training at home- is the following option. I wrote a complete guide on how you can train martial arts at home effectively. If you’re interested in doing so, I encourage you to give it a read.

You should buy a grappling dummy because it complements your training process and allows you to progress faster. For instance, if you’re unwilling to invest money into martial arts gyms, buying a grappling dummy for your home will allow you to train your grappling techniques.

Additionally, even if you train in a martial arts gym, you can buy a grappling dummy to boost your progress further. Hence whenever you’re not in the gym, you can still practice grappling techniques, which would’ve been impossible without such a piece of equipment.

Unlike other fighting techniques, such as punching and kicking, training grappling without a partner- is as challenging as it gets. As a result, if you can do so by buying a single item, you’ll become capable of boosting your progression rate by plenty.

Finally, it’ll be best if you complement your training with a grappling dummy, as it’ll assist you in training your grappling techniques. Moreover, it’s a one-time payment rather than the monthly payments for actual fighting classes.

Should I train in martial arts at home or in a fighting gym?

All martial arts essentially follow the same training principles. For instance, you must be consistent and dedicated to training to notice concrete results. However, some may wonder whether they should train in a fighting gym or at home. Both are viable options, yet, there’s a clear winner.

Training in a fighting gym is better than training at home because you can train with other people with similar goals. As a result, you’ll progress faster and learn the techniques more quickly while staying motivated and consistent- it becomes effortless.

On the other hand, training at home requires you to buy your own equipment, which is less convenient. Moreover, you’re most likely going to train by yourself, which is less effective both for staying consistent and learning the techniques.

Thus if you have the option to sign up for a martial arts class, you should go for it. However, if you’re unwilling to spend monthly payments on it, buying a grappling dummy- is your next step (for training in grappling-focused martial arts).

What makes a grappling dummy high-quality?

To progress fast at home in martial arts, buying a high-quality grappling dummy will be best. Nonetheless, some can’t distinguish between a high or a low-quality one. As a result, they may purchase one that they dislike and regret buying it in the first place.

The consequences of that can be severe; when you’re dissatisfied with a grappling dummy, you may resort to quitting the martial arts you began training in, such as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, boxing, or MMA.

The following paragraphs will examine the 8-aspects of a high-quality grappling dummy. If you’re interested in buying one- I encourage you to follow the principles I listed here. Whenever a grappling dummy fills these aspects, it’s high-quality.

All the grappling dummies I listed in this article fill these metrics. Therefore, I encourage you to buy one of them, as you’ll be satisfied with the product itself.


Flexibility is one of the critical aspects of a grappling dummy and many other products, such as clothing, tactical gear, or outdoor equipment. As a result, if the product you buy isn’t as flexible as you’d like, it’ll be best if you consider passing. Nonetheless, if the grappling dummy you buy won’t suffice in that sense, you won’t be capable of truly working on your technique.

Filled vs. Unfilled

Often, the dummy you buy will come unfilled because it lowers the weight of the package by up to 95%. As a result, the shipping will be less costly, and everyone will enjoy the purchase process. However, I’ve noticed a few products that come filled, and it’ll be best if you avoid them altogether.

Filling your grappling dummy is relatively easy. All you need to do is find blankets, old clothes, poly fillers (the best choice), or any other item that could fill the grappling dummy and add some weight. As a result, the training will be more realistic.


A durable item has a lengthy use time. For instance, a durable tactical shirt will last longer than a standard shirt. If you decide to buy a grappling dummy and you’re unsure whether it’s durable or not, it’s best to look in the customers’ reviews. Often, if an item didn’t perform as well, it’ll be the top comment.


You can measure how reliable a grappling dummy is by noticing two main critical factors: the customers’ reviews and the company behind the product.

One of the companies behind one of the grappling dummies I listed offered a dissatisfaction return. Hence if you don’t like the product, you can return it. But, of course, that immediately tells us that the company believes in its product and is reliable. Often, that’s the most prominent green flag you should look for in a dummy.

The company

By knowing who made the dummy, you can see whether it’s reliable, durable, and trustworthy. Most companies that sell one durable item- do so for their entire line. As a result, if you see overwhelmingly positive reviews on a particular company, you can know that buying any of their product- is safe and wise.

High-quality materials

Regardless of any other factor I mentioned, if the grappling dummy is made from a low-quality material or fabric, the product won’t suffice. As a result, it will neither be durable, reliable, nor trustworthy. As a result, buying it- is rather a waste of your cash. For instance, Polyester and leather are two leading materials in the grappling dummies realm.


If you’re an adult or a kid, you should buy a different grappling dummy than the other. As a result, looking up the size and weight of the dummy is detrimental to choosing and enjoying the most suitable item. For instance, a 70inches dummy won’t fit for children; but for adults.


This section closely correlates with the previous section. The weight of the grappling dummy matters because while it may suit one person, another might be unable to use it properly. As a result, it’ll be best to buy an appropriate size for yourself. I mentioned in some of the dummies I listed whether they fit adults or children (or both).

How did I choose the grappling dummies I listed?

Before I answer this question, I’d like to suggest a brief question for you. Picture yourself training at home with a grappling dummy you recently ordered. Now, it’s new and seems fitting. However, as time passes, you begin to notice that it’s not as durable as you thought. Thus it rips every time you stretch it.

Because of that, you’re unsatisfied with the purchase and you quit training in BJJ, wrestling, or whichever martial art you do. That was what drove me to write this article. I don’t want you to end up lost and confused with your training. Instead, it’ll be best if you buy a high-quality item and ensure you stay consistent.

I chose the grappling dummies I listed by following the 8-metrics I mentioned before this section. Hence durability, reliability, weight, size, materials, company, filled/unfilled, and flexibility. The products I chose for my list all answer these 8-factors.

I’m confident that if you buy one of the products I mentioned, you’ll progress faster and enjoy training more than if you buy a lower-quality one. Sometimes the prices may seem relatively intimidating but it’s better than monthly expensive payments.

Are grappling dummies worth it?

Grappling dummies are worth it because they provide a platform to learn and practice grappling techniques at home and alone. As a result, you can progress in the grappling-focused martial art you train in, which may be Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and even Muay-Thai.

How heavy should a grappling dummy be?

A grappling dummy should weigh anywhere from 60-130lbs. Nevertheless, the optimized weight is one that’s suitable for your size and weight. For instance, 100lbs will be suitable for most people since it’ll provide a realistic platform to hone your skills.

Does grappling build muscle?

Grappling doesn’t build muscle, as it won’t force hypertrophy in your muscles. As a result, they won’t recover and become larger. However, training grappling is a fantastic way to get in shape since you use most of your body. Consequently, you’ll burn many calories.

How to fill your grappling dummy?

You can fill your grappling dummy with various materials, such as shredded towels, shredded clothes, sand, poly fillers, shredded paper, and all other materials that can fill a space. Moreover, mixing these materials will allow you to have a more realistic feeling from your dummy.

Final words

A grappling dummy allows you to train your grappling techniques at home. It’s a fantastic alternative to attending fighting classes and it also complements it. Thus if you train in a fighting gym, you can also buy a grappling dummy to maximize your progression.

You have two options for training BJJ, MMA, wrestling, Judo, or any other martial art; at home or attending weekly classes. Honestly, there’s a clear winner which is to attend weekly classes in a qualified martial arts gym. However, some may be unwilling to invest as much in that.

For those people, buying a high-quality grappling dummy- allows training the fighting style at home. As a result, you become capable of paying one time and learning as much as you want. However, some dummies aren’t as durable and reliable as the ones I listed. Hence if you buy them, they might not last as much and force you to quit training.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you’ll also enjoy reading about whether BJJ is hard for beginners. Additionally, I have many other articles on martial arts and I recommend you visit my home page to read more of my latest work.


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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