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Whether you are a special forces operator, an airsoft player, or a hunter, combat shirts are for you. Wearing the best combat shirt is a massive improvement in the quality of life. They’re breathable, comfortable, flexible, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and durable. 

Special forces operators use the best combat shirts in all of their missions. As a result, they became popular amongst outdoor activists. Because combat shirts are breathable, durable, and versatile, hunters, fishermen, hikers, paintball/airsoft players, and range shooters addicts use combat shirts. 

Overall Best Tactical Shirt

Condor Combat Shirt

Condor Combat Shirt

Condor is a leading company in the outdoor/tactical clothing department. They construct high-quality products and are trusted. Lastly, they have a large percentage of positive reviews. We would recommend buying one of their combat shirts.

Condor Combat Shirt has raglan cut sleeves. These sleeves allow an improved range of motion and better flexibility. Moreover, it has a zipper closure, which provides a more comfortable design. Additionally, this shirt has mesh material on the underarm and a mesh-lined collar. Because of that, the ventilation and breathability of this shirt are better. As a result, the quality of this combat shirt rises.

This shirt has 2 zipper pockets on each one of the sleeves. Operators and outdoor activists need to carry their essentials close to them. Hence pocket on each one of the sleeves is highly efficient to them. It may assist in keeping your phone, ID, or wallet on you.

To summarize, Condor is a leading company in the tactical equipment department. Their products are fantastic, and we recommend purchasing from them. Moreover, this shirt is excellent for any operator, soldier, airsoft/paintball player looking to up his game. Finally, this shirt has 1000 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.5 stars.

Best Budget Tactical Shirt

ANTARCTICA Men’s Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt

ANTARCTICA Men's Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt

Antarctica is an outdoor/tactical brand. They make all sorts of equipment, from tactical shoes to bags and footwear. In addition, They’re popular amongst guns and tactical enthusiasts. Ultimately, they’re a company of high quality, and we recommend buying from them.

Antarctica’s shirt has padded elbows for better protection and durability of the elbow area. That is especially useful for people who like shooting at the gun range. It has 2 pockets, with a patch panel for a place to store essentials. Such as your ID or rank. 

Best Tactical Shirt Under $30

ReFire Gear Men’s Military Tactical Shirt

ReFire Gear Men's Military Tactical Army Combat Long Sleeve Shirt

When buying this shirt, you will receive one free US flag in a color you like. Additionally, this shirt has 2 pockets with a large patch on them. The pockets assist you in carrying your essential gear in an accessible spot. The patches are for your unit symbol, name, or rank. 

Refire Gear designed this shirt with raglan cut sleeves. Because of that, your range of motion and comfortability while wearing this combat shirt is going to improve. 

If you’re wearing a plate carrier on top of this shirt, you will feel the breathability that it provides you. In addition, it is anti-static, soft, flexible, and comfortable. 

Overall, for the price it is listed on, the quality is fantastic. ReFire Gear made this shirt to be of high quality and trusted. We would recommend buying this shirt if your price range is below average. Finally, it has 1300 reviews averaging 4.5/5 stars.

Best Tactical Shirt Under $50

Rothco is a company that designs and constructs tactical/outdoor equipment. They have a large e-shop, and you should visit it. 

Rothco made this tactical shirt out of 60% Moisture-wicking cotton fabric, and 40% rip-stop fabric. Because of that, the combat shirt is going to be highly durable, lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Moreover, they made it with a no-melt, drip-resistant fabric that can stand 110 degrees Celsius. That is useful for hunters, hikers, and many other outdoor activists. 

The shirt has 2 zipper pockets on each one of the sleeves. So you can carry your essentials with you at any given time. Furthermore, this shirt fits anyone who looks to buy a comfortable, breathable, highly durable, flexible, and fire-resistant combat shirt.

Lastly, this shirt has reinforced padded elbows to counter abrasion. That improves the durability of the shirt. Hence it a long-term investment. 

To sum it up, Rothco is a brand of high quality. This shirt’s price is affordable, standing at $43.99. Finally, this shirt has 1430 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4/5 stars. 

What are combat shirts?

Combat shirts are part of the uniform that soldiers, special forces operators, and law-enforcement individuals use. They’re breathable, durable, flexible, comfortable, water-resistant, and fire-resistant. 

A few years ago, the US military was looking to upgrade their gear. Thus began their search to replace the uniforms its special forces operators use. Later, they designed and constructed new uniforms for their operators. These are what we know as tactical pants and tactical shirts. 

Today, many companies try to create the best tactical shirts for their customers. As a result, we constantly get new and better products listed. In addition, they have 2 pockets on each sleeve, including a patch on each one.

The patches are for your ID, rank, or name. And the pockets are to carry your essentials in an accessible place. Finally, the rumor was spreading, and many civilians were looking to buy a shirt for themselves. That is the reason that many civilians with many hobbies and jobs use tactical shirts daily. 

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How to choose the best combat shirt?

When choosing a combat shirt, there are many factors we want to examine. There are the features of the shirt, its benefits, and who made it. 

First, we want to look at the fabrics. Because the shirt has to fit special forces operators, we need to check the materials the brand use. For example, Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, and rip-stop fabric are all high-quality materials. They’re all breathable, lightweight, durable, flexible, comfortable, soft, and dry off quickly. Thus, if a brand makes a combat shirt out of these, they are on the right path.

Secondly, we need to see who is behind the shirt. Currently, many manufacturers construct tactical/outdoor gear. Thus there are many low-quality products out there. To spot these, we first need to take notes of the company that’s behind the product. If the company is unfamiliar with plenty of negative reviews, we want to avoid it. However, if the company is filled with positive evaluations, buying from them is most likely a wise choice. 

Thirdly, we want to see what features and benefits the shirt has. For example, most combat shirts have sleeve pockets. However, some don’t, and we want to avoid them. Another example may be that some may be waterproof while some are not even water-resistant. Thus if your hobby involves water, you shouldn’t buy them.

There are plenty of other factors to consider. Because this is not the main topic of this post, we will not go over every single one. Make sure before you purchase a shirt of your own to look at everything. Look at the company, the fabrics, and the features. 

Ukrainian special forces operator

Who uses combat shirts?

The US military started to provide its operators with combat shirts before it reached civilians. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t fit civilians.

Today, many outdoor activists use tactical shirts, and they benefit them. Whether you are a hunter, fishermen, shooting range enthusiastic, airsoft player, paintball player, tactical/outdoor enthusiastic, survivor, a golf player, or any other outdoor activist, combat shirts are for you.

281Z Womens Military T-Shirt

281Z Womens Military Stretch Cotton Underwear T-Shirt

281Z is an outdoor company that designs and constructs clothing lines. They have a wide variety of choices in their e-shop, and they’re a favorite on Amazon. Thus buying from them is a wise choice. 

They made this woman’s military underwear shirt out of 95% Premium quality organic cotton and 5% Elastane. These are lightweight and breathable fabrics that can make a fantastic military underwear shirt. In addition, they designed this military tactical shirt to be as comfortable as possible. The cotton is soft on the skin and does not cause overheating in summer. 

The shirt is highly durable and versatile. It can fit any outdoor activity and is also used as an undershirt.

PROVED IN COMBAT. This T-shirt is widely used in Ukrainian armed forces and law enforcement agencies and has repeatedly proved its performance in various combat situations and rough battlefield conditions. Made in Ukraine. Quality proved in combat. (Amazon product details)

Overall, this underwear shirt is valuable. 281Z outperformed themselves with this product. We recommend buying it because of the many positive reviews it has. Finally, its price is low and can fit in one’s price range. 

CRYSULLY Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt Cargo Tactical

CRYSULLY Men's Short Sleeve Shirt Cargo Tactical Military

If you were ever looking for a company that sells tactical gear, survival equipment, sports clothing lines, and outdoor activities equipment. Then CRYSULLY may be for you. They’re a big brand on Amazon, and buying their products is beneficial. 

This man’s short sleeve cargo/tactical has a one-of-a-kind design. It comes in 14 different colors, some with long sleeves. As a result, you have a wide choice, so you can pick whichever you prefer. They made it out of Polyester, making it lightweight, breathable, and durable. Additionally, it is a button closure, which is stylish and classy. It has 1 pocket on the chest that assists in storing essential accessible items. 

Suit Occasion: Ideal for outdoor activity, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Climbing, Adventure Travel, Army Training, Cycling, and other outdoor sports. (Amazon product details)

In conclusion, CRYSULLY is a company that sells sports/tactical equipment and clothing lines. Additionally, they have many positive reviews on their products, making them trustable. This shirt’s price stands at $21.98, which is affordable for a shirt of this kind. 

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Military Shirts Camo Shirt

MAGCOMSEN Men's Tactical Military Shirts Camo Shirt

Magcomsen is an outdoor/survival/tactical brand. They construct clothing lines of many kinds and tactical equipment.

They made this shirt out of Polyester and Cotton. Therefore, it is lightweight and breathable. Additionally, this tactical shirt provides a high level of comfortability and range of motion. There are 2 sleeve pockets with a patch on them. That is for your unit/ID/rank. And the pockets are to carry your essentials in an accessible spot.

They reinforced the elbow area to avoid abrasion. That makes the shirt more durable, making it a long-term investment. Lastly, we’ve reviewed MAGCOMSEN’S work several times. We believe in their products and reliability. Thus we recommend you check this product out if you are interested.

Should you wear anything under a combat shirt?

Knowing what to wear under your combat shirt—is a critical piece of information. Eventually, there really isn’t a restriction, as long as you’re suiting yourself for the occasion. Let’s see what that means.

You should wear under a combat shirt—either a breathable t-shirt under hot weather, or wear a thermal shirt when it’s cold. Likewise, you’re not required to wear anything under a combat shirt. That can be the case if you own a high-quality shirt, that’s more comfortable and breathable on your skin.

When you can wear combat shirts?

You can wear combat shirts when you participate in the activity you’re participating in, such as hunting, airsoft, and even paintball. Walking around in public with a combat shirt—will attract unwanted attention, which you can avoid by not wearing it in public.

If you want to learn whether wearing tactical gear in public is legal—follow the link.


Soldiers and special forces operators use the best combat shirts daily. They fit their operational needs and make them better operators. The gear you use says a lot about you. It shows how serious you are and your willingness to be the best.

Ultimately, having the best equipment is a massive improvement in the quality of life. Whether you are a soldier, hunter, fisherman, gun range lover, or any other outdoor activist, consider buying a tactical shirt. 

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