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Whether you want to train in martial arts or learn to use self-defense, increasing your punching power- will be a critical factor in winning fights. As such, if you can improve your punching power and even speed, your chances of winning fights- rise.

The ways you can use to increase your punching power are:

  • Boxing training
  • Building muscle
  • Strength training
  • Honing your boxing technique

We all can see it when Mike Tyson landed a powerful punch to finish a fight in the first round. However, some don’t comprehend that this is, indeed, the factor that makes him win more fights.

Nonetheless, your punching power isn’t the only factor that goes into whether you’ll be a solid boxer or not. In fact, countless other factors influence your ability to win fights and defend yourself.

Although that’s the case, you can strive to improve the factors you can influence. So, if you can increase your punching power, which we’ll go through now, you’ll be way better off than if you hadn’t improved it.

This article will demonstrate and explain how you can increase your punching power in 4-primary ways. That said, your punching power will inevitably increase if you consistently train in martial arts, such as boxing, kickboxing, or MMA.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the first way: boxing training.

#1- Boxing training

The first way I’ll present it is also the most common since it makes sense. In short, if you do boxing, your punching power will eventually improve as you constantly punch.

Boxing training is a suitable way to increase your punching power since you’ll constantly be punching. As a result, your body and mind will move by punching a part of your muscle memory. Thus the next time you perform it, it’ll come as second nature.

Nonetheless, some people may be unwilling to learn boxing because it’ll require investing plenty of motivation, willpower, dedication, and time. Therefore, some other ways I’ll discuss may be more suitable.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

That said, studies have proved time after time that learning martial arts is incredibly beneficial. Well, boxing is no different than all other fighting styles. In fact, some may even consider it to be more effective.

So, let’s examine some expected benefits you may experience when you do boxing.

The boxing group reduced resting systolic- and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, augmentation index, and pulse pressure over time with a medium to large effect (Cohen’s d = 0.69-1.50); reductions in AIx (p < 0.001) and systolic blood pressure (p = 0.026) reached statistical significance.


In summary, boxing is a suitable way to increase your punching power. Moreover, studies have proved that doing boxing will benefit you mentally and physically. As a result, it’s worth every piece of effort you’ll invest.

#2- Building muscle

The second way to increase your punching power- is by building muscle.

It’s no secret that the heavier you are, the more force you’ll be capable of generating through your punches. Picture the following scenario; one boxer weighs 120lbs. The other weighs 180lbs. Who do you think will win?

Building muscle is a way to improve your punching power, as you’ll be heavier. As a result, you’ll be capable of generating more force through your punches. That said, you may build muscle and remain in the same weight range because you have lost some fat. In that case, your newly built muscles will generate more force than your fat.

As such, the more muscle you have, the more fierce your punches will be.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Why do you think boxing and all other martial arts have weight classes? The heavier you are than your opponent, the more likely you will win- regardless of your technique.

Of course, other factors may influence whether a 180lbs boxer will lose against a 160lbs boxer. However, weight matters. Hence if you build more muscle, you’ll become capable of throwing more powerful punches.

#3- Strength training

In the previous section, I explained why building muscle would improve your punching power. Now, let’s look at a somewhat similar way you can increase your power. However, before we do, let’s understand why strength training differs from building muscle- and how it benefits us.

Strength training improves your punching power since the stronger you are and the more weight you can lift, the more powerful your punches can be. As a result, if you consistently improve your overall strength throughout your body, you’ll be more powerful.

Strength is different than building muscle because you don’t have to gain more weight to improve your punching power through strength training. In fact, the opposite is true.

street workout
Image by Matan Ray Vizel from Pixabay

If you improve your strength without building additional muscle (for example, by doing street workouts), you’ll improve your punching power.

To clarify, I know that a street workout is a suitable way of building muscle. Yet, I gave that as an example since you see many calisthenics trainees perform amazing feats of strength without having many muscles.

To summarize, strength training is a fantastic and suitable way of improving your punching power. In fact, the stronger you’ll be, the more fierce your punches will eventually be.

#4- Honing your punching technique

The last way of increasing your punching power- is by honing your technique. This way closely correlates with the first one, which is boxing training. That said, they’re somewhat different.

Perfecting your punching technique will improve your punching power, as you’ll be capable of generating more force with the proper technique. For instance, if one knows how to use his hips to generate more momentum, which leads to more power, one’s punching power will rise.

Knowing the appropriate techniques for punching isn’t as difficult as it sounds. That said, you’ll learn how to do so if you attend martial arts classes. On the other hand, you don’t have to; you can learn the technique at home since it’s uncomplicated.

I believe it’s the single best way to increase your punching power in the long term, as all the other ways require you to invest time and effort in the long term.

That said, with this one, you can watch a YouTube video on how to punch correctly, and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

I encourage you to watch the following video because it explains how you can punch correctly. Eventually, if you follow the tips in this video, you’ll instantly increase the strength of your punches.

#5- Proper technique is critical

Your punching technique will correlate to how much power you can generate.

For instance, if you have perfect technique, you’ll generate more fierce punches; that is how it works.

As such, I encourage you to watch the video I listed above to understand how to punch correctly. First, however, I’ll briefly explain the right way of punching.

To punch correctly, you must first learn the stance. First, stand with your dominant hand in the rear and the other in the front. Then, close your fists while standing with your dominant feet in the back. Finally, throw a punch and return your hand as soon as possible to the initial position.

Now, more factors go into how much force you’ll generate.

Another critical point is your footwork. Let’s dive into what it means and why it’s an essential aspect.

#6- Use footwork to generate more force

To generate more force with your punches, you must learn proper footwork and use your hips and body. As a result, by generating momentum through your hips, you’ll become capable of having more force from the initial position.

Another critical point is to twist your hips and feet when you throw a punch. That’s because it’ll lead to a motion that will eventually make you generate more force.

For instance, if one fighter doesn’t use his hips while punching, his strength will decrease drastically. So, take a look at the following video to understand how to have proper footwork.

What exercises increase punching power?

As we discussed, building muscle and strength training will lead to an increase in punching power. As such, let’s examine some joint exercises you want to involve in your training routine.

Before diving in, I wrote a guide on the best exercises for boxing, and I encourage you to read it.

Bench press. One of the most common exercises for bodybuilding and strength training- is bench press. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s when you lie down on a bench and lift an Olympic bar. As such, your chest, triceps, and shoulders will work. Eventually, if you consistently involve bench press in your routine, your punching power will increase.

Cross boxing drill. A cross in boxing is when you throw a straight punch followed by a jab. So, essentially, you punch twice. That’s one of the best combos every boxer trainee should know. So, if you can consistently train your cross ability, you’ll see magnificent results.

Deadlift. A deadlift is when you lift an Olympic bar with weights on it from the ground until your body is in a straight stance. As a result, your back, legs, neck, abs, and arms will work to lift the bar from the ground. The deadlift is an exercise that can cause permanent damage if done incorrectly. So, watch a video on how to perform it correctly!

Many exercises will increase your punching power, as you’ll either increase your strength or build muscle. However, I encourage you to stick to what makes you excited and passionate. If, for instance, you hate bench press, don’t do it every other day. Instead, try boxing training.

Does lifting weights increase punching power?

Lifting weights increases punching power in the long term since you’ll either build muscle mass or improve your strength. As a result, the heavier or stronger you are, the more powerful your punches will be. Nonetheless, lifting weights isn’t only for building muscle. Instead, it can improve your physical condition.

As much as I like lifting weights, it’s not the best way to increase punching power.

In fact, if your sole goal is to improve your ability to throw fierce punches, consider attending boxing training, as it’ll be more effective for such a pursuit.

That said, lifting weights has entirely positively changed my life. For example, I now am much more muscular than I was 6 years ago. Because of that, my punching power has drastically increased.

How to increase my punching speed and power

You must train in boxing to increase your punching power and speed simultaneously. Although building muscle and becoming stronger does influence your punching power and strength, it won’t affect speed. As a result, to increase the speed of your punches, it’ll be best to train in any martial art, particularly boxing.

Once you begin your boxing training, you’ll find that your punches naturally become more powerful and faster since your body and mind will start to build muscle memory. Therefore, it’ll be more assertive and quicker once you throw a real punch.

Final words

To increase your punching power, it’ll be best if you build muscle and improve your strength. Nonetheless, you can also work on your boxing technique, which will inevitably result in muscle memory.

Muscle memory is a sign that you’ve dedicated much effort and time to punching. As a result,t it’ll be more natural to throw powerful punches.

Lifting weights has changed my life. Because of that, I’m confident it can do the same for your life. Nevertheless, it has also improved my ability to throw fierce punches.

If you enjoyed reading this article, I encourage you to read about the benefits of martial arts.


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