Is it Safe to Train in Martial Arts Every Day?

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Training in martial arts is beneficial to its trainees. However, is it safe to train in martial arts every day? Although you may believe you progress fast, you’re really not. Your body may need more time to recover. So, let’s see whether it’s true or not.

Training in martial arts every day isn’t safe because your body needs time to recover from training. Thus if you train every day, you may progress slower than if you were to rest. Precisely, 48 hours should be sufficient time to recover from training. 

Yet, there’s more to it. If you know the ins and outs of body recovery, you’ll maximize your results- by training different muscle groups. For instance, if I use my legs on Sunday, I’ll do chest and arms the day after. Consequently, I’ll progress faster than ever. 

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Should you train in martial arts every day?

Although you may think- training more often equals more results- it’s not always the case. Instead, maximizing results will depend on whether you’re familiar with the way recovery works. 

Training in martial arts is wise if you plan your workouts to work for different muscle groups on consecutive days. As a result, you’ll maximize results because you’ll ensure recovery. For instance, if you work your chest on successive days, it won’t recover- unless you rest. 

Thus I don’t recommend training in martial arts every day- unless you plan your workouts appropriately. Although you may think you do, it’s best if you let a qualified instructor plan it for you. People learn to do so for a prolonged period. 

The primary principle you should follow- is not to train the same muscle groups consecutively. Hence you’ll ensure your body is resting appropriately. For instance, if you lift weights, there are fixed workout plans you should follow. 

Additionally, if you train every day, you’ll need to consume enough calories. Thus you won’t starve yourself and fuel your body. I’m no dietician. Consequently, I recommend following the link to read how many you should eat per day.

How often should you train in martial arts?

Your primary goal should be to avoid overtraining. Consequently, you’ll ensure progression while not undertraining. If you succeed in doing so, you’ll learn to fight quickly- while avoiding issues.

You should train in martial arts 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days. As a result, you’ll avoid overtraining while ensuring your progression. For instance, if I train once a week, it may not be enough to notice enough progression. Yet, if you work out every day, you may not recover. 

Yet, you may notice many martial artists- exercise daily. So, that contradicts what I said. Well, that’s not entirely true. Because they have a fixed workout plan- to ensure they avoid overtraining, they’re in the clear. However, if you follow their workout regime, your body may not be in a state of following that.

Thus you won’t progress as much as if you were to work out 2-3 times a week. Yet, the better the shape you’re in, the more volume you can incorporate- into your weekly workout plan. Hence the more consistent you stay with training, the faster you’ll progress later. 

I wrote an article about how often you should train in martial arts. If you’re interested in knowing more about that topic, I encourage reading it. 

If you think you overtrained your body, I encourage watching the following video about identifying such a state.

How long should my martial arts training last?

Your martial arts training period correlates closely to the results you notice. Thus optimizing that will assist you in learning to fight- more efficiently. Well, let’s see how long they should last. 

Martial arts training sessions should last for 30-90 minutes- depending on the intensity. Below that, you won’t notice many results over time. Over that, you may overtrain yourself. Thus not seeing any results is typical. 

I’ve seen the most success when I trained for an hour- 3 times a week. Consequently, I let my body rest appropriately- while not overtraining myself. Hence I saw the most results that way. 

Yet, if you train every day, you may want to work out 30 minutes a day. If it’s more than that, you’ll find yourself overtraining- quickly. However, if you exercise for 20 minutes daily, you won’t progress. 

The following video is a 30 minutes Boxing workout- without any equipment. However, I recommend buying the essential gear for your home. That way, you’ll progress faster than ever. Such equipment is this punching bag with these MMA gloves

How often should I train in self-defense?

Learning self-defense is more intense than martial arts. Because of that, the frequency in which you need to do it- lessens. Thus understand that the intensity closely correlates with the time you need to let your body rest. 

You should train 2-3 times a week in self-defense because it’s enough to let your body recover. As a result, you won’t over-train, which means you’ll ensure progression. For instance, if I train in self-defense every day, my body won’t have enough time to recover fully and build itself. 

However, undertraining is a thing. Hence while resting is crucial- you must work out enough times to tear your muscles. That way, you’ll cause hypertrophy. For example, if you work out in self-defense once a month, you won’t progress.

Additionally, you must consume appropriate foods to boost your progression. That way, you’ll fuel your body correctly, which will build your muscles from the ground up. For instance, you must eat enough proteins per day. They’ll construct your muscles- when you tear them. 

Benefits of training martial arts every day

You must train enough time to ensure your progression. If you don’t, you won’t tear your muscles- and learn new techniques. However, if you work out enough times per week, you’ll learn martial arts quickly and efficiently. 

Training martial arts every day is beneficial- because it allows you to tear your muscles and learn new techniques- quickly. Thus you’ll improve your physical shape- and learn to fight. Consequently, staying consistent- becomes effortless. 

However, I encourage you to buy a fixed workout plan. That way, you can avoid overtraining. Qualified instructors learn to build appropriate workouts plans. As a result, you’ll ensure you won’t fatigue yourself. After all, the worst thing you can do is cause overtraining. 

Although training every day is beneficial, I recommend sticking with the 2-3 workouts a week. As a result, you’ll ensure you’re progressing over time. Additionally, you won’t become mentally fatigued- by doing the same every day. 


Although you may think training more often is more results- that’s not entirely true. Instead, you may find yourself overtraining. As a result, you won’t progress- but you’ll go backward. Trying to avoid such a situation– is crucial. 

If you plan your workout plan to not train the same muscles groups on consecutive days, you can exercise daily. However, if you don’t, you won’t see any results. Thus knowing how often to train in martial arts- is vital for optimizing your outcome.


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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