Should I Learn a Martial Art? Complete beginners guide

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Developing various skills through the practice of martial arts is highly wise. Consequently, individuals who do just that will have a better mental state. That leads to having values and sticking up for yourself. In addition, having the ability to use the fighting style you practice for self-defense is fantastic. 

As a general rule, learning a martial art will develop various essential characteristics, such as humbleness, integrity, high work ethic, and a healthy mental state. Eventually, these assets lead to success in one’s personal life. For me, practicing martial art assisted me in life significantly.

Additionally, there are many other reasons for an individual to learn it. Self-defense, for instance, is a remarkably prevalent subject these days. For that reason, if you’re unwilling to arm yourself, you may want to begin preparing yourself for the worst-case scenario.

I highly encourage you to read an article I wrote on everything about self-defense. That way, you’ll know when you can or can’t use self-defense for your benefit.

Is learning martial arts worth it?

In life, building yourself is vital. If you won’t, accomplishing basic actions will become a burden. Therefore, you must practice various fields to assemble your character. That’s why many people are looking to arm themselves or practice a fighting style; to ensure they know how to defend themselves. 

Overall, practicing martial arts is worth it. Building up your character and defending yourself are mere examples of the benefits of martial arts. Because of that, many people are seeking to improve themselves by practicing such fighting styles.

Although arming yourself to ensure you can protect yourself and others is simple, some may not be willing to do so. Because of that, various fighting styles will improve your physical condition, reaction time, and mental stability. That’s why many prefer to begin practicing martial arts rather than carrying a pocket knife

On the other hand, I must present the opposite side, so you’ll make a wise decision. I believe that arming yourself is a fantastic solution to ensure you have a means of self-defense. Because of that, I recommend you read a post I wrote on the best knives for self-defense

Can I teach myself martial art?

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Going to martial arts lessons may get particularly costly. Because of that, some may prefer to train alone. However, it may get challenging quickly. For that reason, knowing how to do so will save you plenty of money

As a general rule, self-teaching martial arts is possible. Some are unwilling to spend the money required to attend fighting classes. For that, knowing how to practice it by yourself is crucial for your success. Individuals who do so will save plenty of money. 

Additionally, many people will continue working out solely if they do it alone. I, for example, prefer to practice boxing independently. Therefore, if I were to attend boxing classes, I would’ve not been as persistent. Many people do favor independence. 

So, how do you practice martial arts by yourself? 

Overall, watching others on various platforms will guide you towards teaching yourself martial arts. Because of that, before you choose the fighting style to want to learn, ensure you explore every single one. In doing so, you won’t feel eager to switch a fighting style after picking one. 

Still, if you have a bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to practice martial arts alone. While doing so, you’ll reveal various moves that you never knew. That’s a part of the learning process in your journey. For that reason, doing a martial art, and not just watching it, is the most crucial step. 

Which martial art is the easiest to learn?

Today, the number of fighting styles is way up there. For that reason, as a beginner, you may get easily confused by the different approaches you can take. For that reason, you must understand the distinct pros and cons of each martial art. Karate, for instance, is more complicated than most other fighting styles. 

Generally, Krav Maga is a straightforward, uncomplicated martial art. Hence reaching a point where you’re capable of using it in real-life scenarios is undemanding. For that reason, beginners and advanced fighters ought to invest in exploring such a martial art. 

For myself, I served in the military as a special forces operator for a prolonged period. In my service, I had countless Krav Maga classes. Hence I’m familiar with what it has to offer. 

Because of that, it’s undemanding of me to say that if you’re looking for the easiest to learn martial art, Krav Maga may be your choice. It’s a remarkably straightforward fighting style.

Additionally, unlike many fighting styles, Krav Maga applies to real-life scenarios. Thus if you’re looking to use it for self-defense purposes, it may be the martial art of your choice. 

Eventually, Krav Maga has changed my life for the better. Not only did it make me capable of defending myself, but it also increased my confidence. For that reason, I highly encourage you to consider learning it. 

What is the best age to learn martial arts?

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Overall, individuals with no background in the field may not be familiar with the best age to learn martial arts. Because of that, some may hesitate and never start practicing various martial arts. I highly encourage you to begin doing so no matter your age. 

As a general rule, from age 8 to 14, the student will receive the most benefits out of practicing martial arts. Below that, one will be unable to comprehend the benefits of it. An increase in self-confidence and having the ability to defend oneself are two examples of the benefits.

However, understand that no matter the age, the benefits of practicing such arts are the same. Therefore, I highly recommend beginning learning a fighting style. Not only will your self-confidence increase, but you’ll also be capable of defending yourself. 

I keep giving the same two benefits as examples. Yet, there are plenty of other advantages practicing martial arts will grant the student. Because of that, there isn’t a single part of my body that will advise you not to start learning martial art


Wrapping this post out, you should learn a martial art. In doing so, you’ll experience plenty of benefits practicing martial art grants the student. An increase in self-confidence, for instance, is an example of an advantage to learning a fighting style provides. 

Even if you’re ten years old or sixty years old, doing martial art will immediately affect your life for the better. It may get you into a better physical condition, which is highly desirable in today’s society.

Additionally, you’ll be able to defend yourself in real threatening scenarios. Although arming yourself is an option, knowing how to use your body to disable an attacker is of value. However, I’m a fan of carrying a self-defense tool on you at all times. If you’re interested in that, I highly encourage you to read a post on why I have a knife on me at all times.

Lastly, self-teaching a martial art is possible. Some may even prefer not attending classes but learning by themselves. Not only will you save plenty of money, but you’ll also be able to fit the pace of the pieces of training for yourself. With that, having a mentor on a platform, such as Youtube, will assist you in learning. 


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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