5 Best Tactical Jackets For Your Money 2022 | Buyer’s guide


There is no better feeling than staying warm in the cold. Therefore, when working in such conditions, it should be one’s top priority to overcome that.

Working in the cold is a part of the job for special forces operators. As a result, having a tactical jacket- will assist one in working in these conditions. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, I recommend owning one.

However, plenty of people cannot distinguish between high and low-quality products. Because of that, following the advice of a person- with experience- may assist you in choosing the appropriate product.

Personally, I own 5-tactical jackets, and I have experimented with them. Additionally, I served as a special forces operator for 4-years. As a result, I have gained plenty of experience in the field.

Why you should trust me

In the military, I served as a special forces operator for 4-years. I was out in the field for most of that period. Because of that, I gained plenty of experience throughout the years.

Many people who write about these subjects do not have the experience to share their knowledge. Because of that, you may end up with a low-quality product for your price.

Consequently, you can trust me- since I have plenty of experience. Moreover, I am familiar with distinguishing between the different tactical jackets- and judging their quality. Thus I encourage you to keep reading this article.

Overall Best Tactical Jacket

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Jacket

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Jacket

Rothco is one of the best companies that construct tactical equipment. I fully trust their product lines, and therefore I have no doubts you will enjoy their listings. Furthermore, the customer service is fantastic. Because of that, if you encounter any problem whatsoever, they will follow through in assisting you.

This tactical jacket is from polyester, which is a reliable fabric. Tactical jackets need to be tactical, which means they need to be durable, reliable, lightweight, comfortable, and flexible. Therefore, I listed this item as the overall best- since it answers these needs as best as possible. As a result, it is the highest-quality one.

The main issue with this spec ops tactical jacket is the price. Overall, the price is not as much above average. However, some may be unwilling to invest that much in such an item. Yet, if you are looking for a reliable product, I encourage you to consider it.

Eventually, a tactical jacket needs to warm you up. However, staying warm may be difficult in the conditions you may face. This tactical jacket has 3-layers included in it. That means that it stops wind, moisture, and water effectively. As a result, it will assist you in staying warm- while being comfortable.

One of the metrics I viewed was the customers’ responses to the product and the company. Honestly, this tactical jacket excelled in these. On the company store, over 2,000-customers responded positively. Although it is not a reliable metric, it is a complimentary one. I now can recommend it to you with complete confidence.

Best Budget Tactical Jacket

TACVASEN Men’s Special Ops Military Tactical Soft Shell

TACVASEN Men's Special Ops Military Tactical Soft Shell

Currently, TACVASEN is a leading outdoor company. They are a large-scale company, and you know how much I prefer it over ones without any feedback. However, I know they are a reliable company since I see them everywhere with positive feedback in every sport I do.

Similar to the previous tactical jacket, this is too made from polyester. It is durable, reliable, flexible, comfortable, waterproof, and lightweight. As a result, it answers all the tactical needs of a piece of equipment.

Unlike the previous item, its listing is below average. Thus more people will be willing to invest money in it- since it will suit their price budget. However, if you are looking for the highest quality, you may want to consider the following or the previous softshells, as they are of higher quality.

However, some want to invest that amount in their tactical jacket. Thus, this budget choice is for these individuals.

Additionally, the design of your clothing is as important as its features. I fancy this design since it is suitable for everyday use. Consequently, you can wear it in your daily life, not only in your outdoor activity. That increases the value of the item, as you can use it often.

I encourage you to buy this tactical jacket if your budget fits its listing. I have no doubts you will enjoy it and that it will be valuable. It will assist you in staying warm in cold situations. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will encounter said demanding conditions often.

Best Tactical Jacket Under $200

Helly-Hansen Men’s Team Crew Midlayer Jacket

Helly-Hansen Mens Team Crew Midlayer Jacket

Helly-Hansen is a company that specializes in winter outerwear. As a result, trusting them with your hard-earned money- is a wise choice. The quality of their product lines is up there, and because of that, they are valuable.

This tactical jacket is from a durable fleece material. As a result, the product will be stable, flexible, comfortable, waterproof, and reliable. Consequently, its value is higher than the average tactical jacket. Moreover, it is completely waterproof, and you can wear it wherever cold conditions meet you.

Another point is its style. Helly-Hansen designed this jacket so you can wear it everywhere you go. It fits perfectly as casual wear, which increases its overall value. In addition, it comes in many colors, which all look stylish. Thus you can choose the color that fits you the best.

As a special forces operator, I can tell you that buying this product- is wiser than most tactical jackets you will find. Because it is as reliable as it is, you cannot go wrong with this item with such a solid company behind it.

Eventually, your goal is to stay as warm as possible in the cold. If you work under such conditions and want to function appropriately, having a high-quality tactical jacket- is crucial for your success. This tactical jacket will do precisely that. It involves additional layers for additional warmth while wearing it.

In my eyes, that is the highest-quality tactical jacket I listed in this article. However, it comes with the highest price of them all. Although that is the case, I still recommend buying it the most since it will bring the most positive experiences.

Best Tactical Jacket Under $100

Marmot Men’s Tempo Softshell Jacket

Marmot Men's Tempo Softshell Jacket

Marmot is an outdoor company that constructs mountain-tactical equipment. As such, their product lines are suitable for such purposes precisely. In addition, they produce their products so they will fit both casual wear and outdoor environments.

Marmot constructed this tactical jacket from nylon exclusively. If you are not familiar with it, it is incredibly lightweight. Thus you can wear it while performing various aerobic exercises, such as cycling, climbing, and even running. Lastly, it is an exceptionally breathable product, suitable for tactical conditions.

Additionally, the fabric is fully waterproof. Thus, it will be especially suitable for working in wet environments.- while staying warm. Yet, if you are looking to avoid extreme cold conditions, that is not the one for you.

While this tactical jacket is a fantastic choice for everyday use, it will not warm you as much as the previous jackets. As a result, if your goal is that, you should not buy it. However, if your pursuit is to stay warm while remaining active in extreme conditions, I encourage you to consider purchasing it.

Lastly, its price is average for a tactical jacket. It is not too cheap, yet not too expensive. As a result, if it fits your price budget, consider buying it- as it is a fantastic choice for that price range. It will provide plenty of utility and value while not taking as much money.

Best Military Tactical Jacket

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell

FREE SOLDIER Men's Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell

FREE SOLDIER is a company I religiously follow because of its products. In many of my other articles, which correlate with this one, I encouraged my readers to buy from them. That is because they are what a company should be like in terms of its overall functionality.

This tactical jacket is a fantastic choice for its quality and price. FREE SOLDIER constructed it from high-quality materials, making it reliable and durable; hence high-quality. Additionally, its price is below average for its listing. Consequently, more people will be willing to buy it since it will fit more peoples’ price budgets.

Additionally, high-quality tactical jackets are durable, breathable, and waterproof. In our case, it meets all three, which means it will be worth your money. It is not a product that you will buy and receive broken. Instead, the company behind it is solid, and thus there is no doubt in my mind that it is worth its price.

Essentially, this tactical jacket meets all the criteria for matching the best tactical jackets. Because of that, it is effortless for me to recommend it to you- as I am sure you will enjoy it.

I already own a few tactical jackets. As a result, I can distinguish between wearing a high-quality and a low-quality one. Consequently, I know the features that your softshell needs to include to be high-quality and valuable. Therefore, I can confidently say that this is a high-quality softshell, and you should consider buying it.

Lastly, this softshell is perfect for all outdoor activites. It will not be as suitable for proper aerobic exercises, since you will be too warm. However, it will be ideal for any other outdoor activity or hobby, such as airsoft, climbing, hunting, hiking, or playing paintball.

Features of a tactical jacket

Having a high-quality tactical jacket means it has crucial features, which make it unique and valuable to the user. you will notice that every softshell I listed- involves every feature of a tactical jacket. As a result, you will enjoy wearing them- as they do their job.


Durability means you will have the item for a prolonged period. Many products you buy will not be usable after a short period. That is because they are not as durable as higher-quality items are. Every tactical jacket I listed will last for long periods. As a result, the price you pay for them also includes their durability.


All the softshells I listed are reliable. You can count on them to do their work when you need it the most. In our case, in extreme cold, you will stay warm in these conditions- regardless of the cold.


If you buy a tactical jacket, wear it, it may be uncomfortable. Thus how much you paid for it does not matter. If you wear it and do not enjoy the comfort it provides, it will not be effective since you will not want to wear it in any condition.

All of the softshells I listed are comfortable and high-quality. When you wear them, you will have a positive experience, regardless of which one you bought. Thus you do not have to worry about that issue. Worry about the size and that it will fit you.

Read more about comfortable fabrics by following the link.


Performing various actions while wearing the softshell- will be crucial. Depending on the activity you participate in, you may need to perform different actions. For instance, if you love to hike, you will need to be flexible and comfortable so you can perform at your best.

Another example will be airsoft players. When playing airsoft, one needs to be as flexible as possible. One must perform various actions, such as shooting, running, and staying behind cover. For all these, one needs to be as flexible as possible.


It makes sense that a tactical jacket will be waterproof since military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts use it. These individuals encounter water conditions the most out of most activity groups. As a result, ensuring you wear fully waterproof equipment- is crucial for staying effective.

All of the softshells I listed are waterproof. Thus you can use them wherever you want and in any condition you encounter. They will protect you in said scenarios and thus they are tactical.


When you work in tactical conditions, you must act quickly. If you do not, you may end up in a world of trouble. Because of that, having as little weight on you as possible- is key to being active in tactical situations.

All of the tactical jackets I listed are incredibly lightweight. As a result, you can perform quickly while working with them. If that is your concern, do not let it disturb you- as they perform incredibly well.


That is the single most important factor in a tactical jacket. There is no doubt in my mind that most people do not even bother with checking this feature. Instead, they rather focus on comfort and the fabrics. However, that is not as important as the warmth one grants.

When choosing the tactical jackets I listed, one of them is not for warm situations. Instead, it is for active exercises, such as running and cycling. Thus it does not provide as much warmth as its competitors.

What makes an item tactical?

If you combine all the previous features I mentioned, you will get a tactical item.

To understand what makes an item tactical, we must understand the conditions in which we work. Tactical conditions require you to be as fast as possible. You must respond and act quickly or else you will get into a world of trouble.

An item is considered tactical if it is lightweight, durable, and can handle extreme conditions. The user must be flexible while using the item. Hence if you cannot complete basic actions quickly and effectively while using the item, it is not tactical.

In our example, a jacket is not tactical if the user cannot handle extreme situations (cold/hot) with it. Consequently, one must wear the tactical item and function appropriately while using it.

In my service, I used many pieces of equipment. As a result, I can distinguish between a tactical and a nontactical one. Once, I had a vest that did not fit extreme situations. If I were to go into an operation with it, I would have gotten into a world of issues.

I wrote an article on the best tactical vests/plate carriers you should buy. I highly encourage you to read it if you are interested in buying one.

How to choose which tactical jacket to buy

You must ask yourself one leading question. What do you need from your tactical jacket? If you want to sustain extreme colds, choose one with the most warmth. Lately, I visited a country with extreme cold and what saved me was the jacket I had.

However, if you want to remain active while wearing your tactical jacket, consider buying one that does not provide as much warmth. As a result, you will be capable of wearing it while participating in aerobic exercises .

If you are unsure of what your pursuit is and you are an outdoor enthusiast, begin by thinking. Do you need maximum warmth or rather do you need minimal warmth. Both answers may be correct for your situation.

Personally, I would rather be warm than cold. Because of that, all my tactical jackets provide plenty of warmth to the user. On the other hand, running with them- is impossible.

Benefits of tactical jackets

Tactical jackets provide plenty of utility. As a result, the user can benefit from wearing it more than other items. Because of that, there is not a single part of my body that will not encourage you to buy one. Let us look at the benefits of wearing tactical jackets.


Tactical jackets are flexible. You will be capable of performing various actions that with other jackets would be impossible. For instance, with many jackets, one cannot shoot solidly. As a result, one’s performance will decrease.


Many jackets are beautifully designed. However, some of them do not provide as much warmth as many tactical jackets. If your goal is to stay as warm as possible in extreme conditions, you should consider buying a tactical jacket- as they provide more warmth than the average jacket.


One of the most crucial aspects of any piece of clothing is its comfort. If an item will not provide maximum comfortability, you will not wear it as often. However, if a tactical jacket is fun to wear, chances are that you will wear it often.

Being tactical

As I previously explained, being tactical is being quick and responding quickly. Because of that, one must wear tactical clothes exclusively. Otherwise, one may find oneself unprepared for the situation one is in.

Being tactical is the most crucial aspect of tactical clothing. If one cannot respond quickly with one’s gear, nothing positive will come out of the situation.

Final words

As you may have realized, I am a big fan of tactical gear. I served in the military as a special forces operator. Thus I have gained plenty of experience throughout my service. However, some people who recommend some pieces of equipment do not have any valuable experience in the field. Thus they are not as capable of making solid choices.

Tactical jackets are a piece of clothing every outdoor individual should have. If you are one, you most likely work at night, when it is colder than usual. Moreover, many countries involve colder temperatures. Because of that, staying warm is crucial to performing at the top.

Ask any special forces operator and he will tell you that having high-quality equipment- is helpful. Although there is more to the matter, having appropriate equipment- is crucial for performing at the top. Thus buying a tactical jacket may assist you in performing at your best.

On my website, blinklift.com, I have written a series of tactical equipment recommendations articles. I will include some of them in the next paragraph. I highly recommend checking them out, as they provide value each in its own way.

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