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At times, attending Krav Maga classes may be costly. Because of that, if you’re unwilling to invest that much in lessons, training at home is wise. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to experience the same benefits and positive experiences from training at your home. Furthermore, the amount of money you’ll spend will be much lower.

However, each way has its pros and cons. Hence to know what is the most suitable for you, I encourage you to read this article. 

The following list is how you can train Krav Maga at your home; starting today.

  • Buying an online course
  • Following a YouTube channel
  • Training with friends
  • Following a blog
  • Buying equipment
How should you train in Krav Maga
How should you train in Krav Maga

Before continuing, if you’re hesitant to start learning Krav Maga, I wrote an article on the five reasons to learn it. I recommend reading it if you’re unsure whether to begin training in it. 

1. Buying an online course

  • Cheap
  • One time payment
  • Broad knowledge
  • No equipment included
  • No physical touch
  • No personal instruction

Although the physical touch is helpful while learning a martial art, buying an online course is a suitable way to train. It’ll be cheaper than if you were to attend classes. However, there are many cons to doing it. 

Buying an online course is a suitable way to learn Krav Maga. You’ll be able to train at your terms and time. Therefore, it’ll be more comfortable. However, personal instruction and physical touch will be missing. As a result, you may not progress as fast at home. 

That said, if you’re interested in learning a martial art at home, no matter the reason, buying an online course is a suitable way of doing so. 

Online, there are a few options. Because of that, it may get confusing to choose one that works. Well, I’ll link to the one course I genuinely believe can teach you how to defend yourself using such a fighting style. 

Average price of Lessons (Per month)Average price of an online course
US – $76.7US – $19.3
Average price of Krav Maga lessons compared to the average price of an online course.

Additionally, some don’t understand the importance of knowing how to use self-defenseNot only will you be able to protect yourself from threatening situations, but you’ll also be capable of defending others. Read an article on whether Krav Maga is a suitable martial art for self-defense. 

Eventually, buying an online course is a fantastic way of learning martial art. It’s a cheap and viable option. Therefore, for individuals who’re hesitant about the price, worry no more. You’ll be able to receive a big chunk of knowledge for a lower price than a single real-life lesson. 

2. Following a YouTube channel

  • Free
  • Contains all the knowledge you’ll need
  • A single instructor
  • Fantastic demonstrations
  • No physical touch
  • No equipment included
  • You won’t feel a part of a group
  • No personal instruction

Similar to buying an online course, following a YouTube channel is simple. Therefore, some may prefer to do so. Additionally, although spending money on a group class makes you feel a part of something, following an online persona is free. 

As a result, for people who’re unwilling to invest money in martial arts classes, Following a YouTube channel is suitable.

The average price of attending Krav Maga lessons in the US is $76.7 / month. As a result, some may be unwilling to invest in practicing self-defense. Consequently, choosing a cheaper option, such as following a YouTube channel, is more favorable. Not only that, but it’s free. 

Specifically, there’s a single martial arts channel that caught my attention. I watched some of the content in the free course they uploaded. Honestly, I’m rather shocked by the knowledge they’re providing for free. 

The Krav Maga course in its entirety

I was a special forces operator. My team and I went through dozens of martial art lessons. Consequently, Krav Maga was one of them. I can tell you that if I knew that such an option existed, I would’ve continued learning it myself. 

In the YouTube course, you’ll learn all about Krav Maga. Starting from the basics; continuing to advanced self-defense classes. As a result, you’ll be able to train at home for free. Additionally, you’ll be able to react faster to the situations you’ll be practicing. 

3. Training with friends

  • Free
  • Social
  • 1 on 1 instruction
  • Improving faster
  • You won’t have an instructor
  • Little knowledge

Not being all alone on this long journey is fantastic. You’ll be able to reach various goals in a shorter amount of time. Because of that, many people prefer to pay for martial art classes.

They know that by attending such lessons, they’ll feel part. It’s in our nature to try and socialize with such groups. Because of that, some claim that the money they spend on such classes is the best decision they’ve ever made. 

Training with friends will provide many benefits. Because you’ll feel a part of a group, you’ll have more motivation to work harder. As a result, you’ll notice more positive outcomes and benefits flow your way. Because of that, many people prefer to pay for martial art classes. 

Additionally, you may be able to split the money on the equipment you buy. A punching bag, for instance, may be expensive. As a result, some will be unwilling to invest that much. 

Furthermore, having another set of eyes on you is always valuable. Because of that, many people attend martial art classes. They want others to point out what they’re doing wrong. However, if you’re unwilling to spend money on lessons, consider asking your pal to critique your form.

Eventually, training with friends is a fantastic way to socialize and invest less money in martial arts. That way, you’ll be able to stay motivated and willing to achieve new feats. 

4. Following a blog

  • Free
  • It’s a large resource of knowledge
  • No physical interaction
  • No 1 on 1 instruction
  • Understanding motions is difficult

Today, many people own websites that share their experiences with various doings. My website, for example, is where I share the knowledge I built throughout the years. 

Now, many other websites solely write about how to learn Krav Maga. If you follow them, you’ll be able to experience similar benefits and receive their knowledge. 

Following a Krav Maga blog is a suitable way to learn it at home. Because there’s plenty of knowledge to share, you’ll receive a large amount of it. That way, you’ll have a personal touch to your pieces of training. 

By doing that, you’ll be able to progress faster than if you were to train alone. However, there are many cons to it. 

First, you won’t see various motions and moves that you need to watch to understand. Responding to a knife attack, for instance, isn’t something you read. It’s a thing you observe. 

Because of that, you’ll be missing explanations that you may not completely understand. As a result, you’ll lose the knowledge that in a physical interaction, you would’ve understood. 

5. Buying equipment

  • Single payment
  • Training at your own time
  • Expensive
  • No physical interaction
  • No instruction

 Today, some prefer to train at home. Consequently, they start filling an empty room with equipment. That way, they can train whenever they want and at home.

However, doing that has many cons. 

Buying equipment for your home is wise. Not only will you be able to train whenever you wish, but it’ll also be nearby. As a result, dedicating to it will be less challenging. However, it may be costly and require your time to maintain. 

Although it may get expensive, it’s a single payment. What do I mean? First, you buy the equipment, and then you don’t have to pay a single dime. Martial art classes, for instance, are a monthly payment. Consequently, some may be unwilling to commit long-term to such lessons. 

Buying high-quality equipment is crucial. That way, you’ll be able to have positive experiences from your training. Therefore, you’ll notice more benefits faster. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate punching set, I highly encourage you to check this standing punching bag on Amazon. (Check Latest Prices)

If you decide to buy this one, you’ll be able to start training quickly. Hence you’ll be able to notice positive results, such an immediate boost in self-confidence. 

How quickly will I be able to learn Krav Maga at home?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Although you may progress faster attending martial art classes, they can get expensive. As a result, people who’re unwilling to invest plenty of money may prefer to try a different way of learning Krav Maga at home.

Although training Krav Maga at home is challenging, you’ll be able to progress rather quickly. Because you won’t have another set of eyes on you, fixing your form is more demanding. However, if you’re following a training plan, positive results and progression will flow your way. 

That said, when training with a group, you’ll be able to have more dedication and motivation than if you’re alone. Therefore, noticing results and progressing faster will be in a group. 

However, if you work hard and follow a proper plan from a professional, you’ll progress faster. That way, you’ll be able to learn Krav Maga at home quickly. 


Over time, attending martial art classes may be expensive. As a result, some may be unwilling to invest plenty of time and money in it. However, they’ll still want to see results and positive experiences. 

Because of that, they’ll start training at home. Yet, knowing how to do it is crucial to see progress. 

That said, training at home is challenging without proper knowledge and instruction. Because of that, I listed the five ways I encourage you to train Krav Maga at home. If you follow my advice, you’ll be able to see the progression over time without attending martial art classes.

I highly encourage you to check out more of my work on my website. If you’re interested in self-defense, read everything about it by following the link. 


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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