is Learning Krav Maga Hard? Examining real examples

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From personal experience, most people find it challenging sticking with their training. As such, they may quit in the middle of the process. When we talk about Krav Maga, it’s different. There are distinct aspects to its training that make it unique. 

Learning a martial art may be difficult. Krav Maga is an intense workout. Thus training may be demanding. Let’s take a look at real examples.

Learning Krav Maga is challenging because the training works many muscle groups in the body. As a result, you’ll burn more calories than the average activity. Your heart rate will increase more than usual. For instance, you burn 616 calories in an hour-long krav maga session. 

Next, we’ll look at real examples regarding the process of learning Krav Maga. That way, you’ll understand to a better degree what you should expect from training. Will it be challenging? Will it take time? Let’s have a look. 

Is Krav Maga hard for beginners?

Learning a martial art is demanding. At first, you won’t notice any results. As time passes, you’ll see more and more benefits naturally flowing your way. At first, you may notice a better physical shape and eventually better mental health. 

As much as Krav Maga training is intense, it’s suitable for beginners. According to a study, mastering a technique in Krav Maga can be done in a single session (Source). For people who don’t know the basic techniques, that’s fantastic. If you’re a beginner, I recommend starting as soon as possible.

However, let’s review the distinct benefits you can expect from Krav Maga training. At first, you’ll notice you’re sore after the first session. As a result, your physical shape will be better. So, the first result you can expect is getting in shape. 

Yet, one of the mistakes you can make at the beginning is expecting results. If you do, you’ll end up being disappointed. I wrote an article elaborating on that in greater detail. Follow the link to read it. 

I like to call the beginning phase the ghost town phase. You’ll notice you’re investing all that effort and time but not seeing any positive results. There’s a simple explanation for that. You’re in the beginning. Thus you can’t expect the final results that soon. 

Because of that, people have trouble staying consistent. They’re investing but not getting any return. From personal experience, because I invested plenty of time and effort, the fruits I harvested from the seeds I planted in the beginning; were juicier. 

How long does it take to learn Krav Maga?

I’ve asked a few of my friends who train in Krav Maga to elaborate more on their training. They explained how long it took until they noticed the first glimpse of the results. In addition, whether it has helped them in their personal lives.

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On average, it takes five sessions to learn Krav Maga to a decent level. I’ve asked 11 people who do Krav Maga once a week, and results show that it took five weeks on average before noticing results. Consequently, expect to invest around five hours of hard work before anticipating developments. 

Yet, I must mention that the number I mentioned earlier is average. For that reason, it may vary on numerous external factors, such as basic understanding of self-defense, age, and plenty more. As such, you may notice results after two sessions or after eight. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to be realistic and not anticipate benefits after a single session. 

Can you learn Krav Maga at home?

Attending martial arts classes may get expensive. As such, many aren’t willing to invest considerable amounts of money. I started to train at home because I didn’t have the resources to invest in weekly Krav Maga classes.

Learning Krav Maga at home is plausible and sufficient for learning it to a decent level. The main ways one can go about it are buying an online course, following a youtube channel, training with friends, and buying equipment for one’s home. All of these ways are suitable for the circumstances. 

I wrote an article on training Krav Maga at home while minimizing the value you lose from training with an instructor. If you’re interested in doing that, I highly encourage you to check it out. 

Gear-wise, you’ll have to buy high-quality equipment to complement your training. Being ready for a self-defense scenario is possible when training alone. However, appropriately working is a must. Hence I recommend buying this punching bag by Everlast (Amazon) and these boxing gloves (Amazon) to compliment it. 

Overall, I don’t recommend training at home. Although it may sound better because it’s cheaper, it’s not the same. For some, investing that much cash into martial arts is impossible. In that case, you should read my article about training at home to do it appropriately. 

Is learning Krav Maga worth it?

Overall, training in martial arts is valuable. It provides plenty of positive results that you can use to develop yourself. A better physical shape, for instance, is the earliest result you’ll get from training in one of the many fighting styles

Learning Krav Maga is worth it because its training reflects real dangerous situations. As such, when you stumble upon one, you’ll react quickly, thus eliminating the threat faster. Increased self-confidence, better awareness, and higher pain tolerance are a few examples of the said benefits. 

For me, it changed my life. Doing martial arts made me realize my true potential. By doing it consistently, I was able to increase my mental health. I want to share that information with you since many people aren’t using these facts. Hence they’re not learning martial arts because they’re not aware of their benefits.

As I’m writing this post, emphasizing the positive results is crucial. Today, I know self-defense to a degree where I’m comfortable using it in real situations. Not only that, but I’m also more confident and with better self-esteem. There’s no going wrong with Krav Maga

Furthermore, many studies point towards the fact Krav Maga is one of the best martial artsFor example, according to this study, officers with a Krav Maga background performed better under stress. (Source) There are many more that point to a similar conclusion. Because of that, every part of myself believes in it. 

I wrote an article on whether Krav Maga is worth learning. I recommend you to read it to continue expanding your knowledge. 


At times, learning martial arts and Krav Maga, in particular, is challenging. The training itself will push your boundaries both physically and mentally. Consequently, you’ll develop yourself as a more powerful character. Or self-development. 

On average, you’ll become decent in Krav Maga after five sessions. Because of that, you shouldn’t expect to see results after a few classes. Instead, focus on staying consistent with your training routine. That way, you’ll be able to progress more quickly. 

Continue reading on this topic by following the link to an article about what makes Krav Maga different?


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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