Best Shooting Glasses for Eye Protection in 2023

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Protecting your eyes is particularly important. Imagine the feeling of not being able to see. You will never forgive yourself if something did happen, especially for a stupid cause. Therefore, your sight should be a top priority.

I’ve served in the military as a special forces operator for a long time. Therefore, I know how easy it is to pass on eye protection. Wearing shooting glasses may be difficult for some. Thus some will prefer not to wear them while shooting. 

For me, the goal of this post is to make you wear shooting glasses if you have any danger to your eyes. I’ve witnessed some of my teammates hurting their eyes. I know and understand how you can avoid permanently injuring your eyes. You must understand the importance of your sight. 

Today, many people participate in a shooting activities. Today, plenty of companies and brands sell protection gear. Therefore, I believe that you need someone who has experience in the tactical field that will assist you in choosing the best shooting glasses.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of wearing shooting glasses. In addition, I’ll recommend the best tactical protection equipment for any activity you may participate. I understand the confusion some of the companies create. However, I do know which companies will satisfy your protection needs. 

Some customers will look for the most expensive products and buy them. They think that because a product is pricey, its quality is high. However, that cannot be further away from the truth. Understand that there’s value to a product, and there’s quality. They go hand-in-hand. Yet, they’re different. 

To fully understand what I mean by that, you need to have a basic understanding of the product’s field. Consequently, I know that trusting someone like me is easy. I have plenty of experience that I’ll expand on in the next section. 

Who am I? Why you should trust me

Today, many people write on tactical gear without any experience. Therefore, they may recommend products that are not worth your money. Consequently, you need someone who knows his tactical stuff. I believe I can be that someone.

I’ve served in the military as a special forces operator for a long time. As a result, I’ve been through many difficult situations where I need to use my tactical equipment. Thus I know what to look for in differentiating between low-quality and high-quality gear.

I needed to have organized and high-quality gear. Therefore, I’ve worked on it for many weeks. Consequently, I’ve seen it in the worst situations. There was rain pouring down on me while I was wearing my equipment. 

 I assure you that you shouldn’t listen to some random article on the internet. Instead, researching is necessary. In addition, someone like me can guide you towards buying the best product out there.

Additionally, I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent wearing my tactical gear. Consequently, I had my shooting glasses on me for days on end. I know what it feels like to have the worst pair and not be comfortable with them. On the other hand, I know what it feels like to have the best eye protection that will suit your face. 

Many people made the mistake of not wearing eye protection. Some close friends of mine injured their eyes. Therefore, this post is close to my heart. I want you to be comfortable with your shooting glasses. That way, you will wear them while shooting and won’t injure your eyes. Because of that, I believe you can trust me with my recommendations. 

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding tactical gear, you know Smith & Wesson. In short, they’re one of my most favorite companies in this field. They make high-quality equipment that everyone can enjoy. In addition, I believe there’s no going wrong when buying one of their products. I’ve checked their work and progress for a long time. As time goes on, more positive reviews bundle up to their name. 

When buying eye protection for shooting, you want it to have a few features. First, you want it to be impact-resistant. Second, the glasses have to be ballistic. In case anything risky happens. Smith & Wesson made these impact-resistant shooting glasses just for that.

If there’s any risk for your eyes, you want them covered. Many possible instances may occur when shooting a gun. For example, the weapon may suddenly jam. In that case, it may cause risk to your eyes. Well, you have the ballistic feature to protect you. 

Another convenient feature that these shooting glasses provide is the anti-fog mechanism. While at the gun range, you may encounter certain situations where you’re sweaty or experiencing climate changes. In such cases, fog usually adds up on eye protection. To counter that, Smith & Wesson made these shooting glasses anti-fog. Therefore, you won’t experience inconveniences as often as other eye protection equipment.

In my service, my glasses had fog plenty of times. Consequently, I know the feeling of being ready to shoot and not see anything. I’m aware that there aren’t any super shooting glasses where fog will never bundle upon them. However, you want to minimize the number of times you’re not seeing your target. In our case, the anti-fog feature does just that. 

EASE OF USE: Glasses feature 4 sets of lenses (smoke, clear mirror, vermillion, amber) that can be changed out using the “one-touch” pop-out method that does not require any flexing or bending of the frames to complete

Amazon Product Details

To summarize, there are many features these Smith & Wesson shooting glasses provide to the user. I chose them to be my overall best shooting glasses for your money for this specific reason. The company is trustworthy. Therefore, buying from them is a wise choice. The price is average, making it affordable for almost anyone. Lastly, they have plenty of positive reviews. 

Usually, I like to choose a popular product for my best budget section. In our case, I chose the company to be Howard Leight. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re the leading company in the tactical protection field. In addition, I’m comfortable with saying that they’re the best brand out there for protective gear. For all these, I chose a Howard Leight product for this section.

As for the protection level these glasses provide, they’re uncanny. Not only are they better than most eye protection shooting glasses in the military, but they’re also anti-fog and impact-resistant. Therefore, they did a fantastic job making these. 

Additionally, Howard Leight shooting glasses fit both indoor and outdoor shooting environments. Consequently, it doesn’t matter where you’re firing. Your eyes will be fully protected while doing so. Therefore, I don’t need to know what activity you’re participating in to tell you to buy these glasses.

Lastly, let’s talk money. The price of these is significantly low. As a result, everyone will be able to afford these. In addition, if you’re unwilling to invest plenty of cash on shooting glasses, you may find it better suiting.

Uvextreme anti-fog lens coating offers superior performance in extreme conditions and won’t wear off after repeated cleanings; ventilation channel between frame & lens controls fog in eye socket area

Amazon Product Details

To summarize, I chose this product to be the best budget for one main reason. Its quality doesn’t fall to much higher-priced shooting glasses. Consequently, I know that if you do end up buying these glasses, you won’t regret them for a long time. It’s a long-term investment, and the company that made it is trustworthy.

When I first looked at this product, I knew it was high-quality. If you’ve ever seen the best shooter in your local gun range, he’s the one to wear these shooting glasses. Magpul did a fantastic job designing these, and their quality is up there. This product has plenty of positive reviews. Consequently, it’s easier to recommend. 

Magpul constructed these shooting glasses out of remarkably durable and lightweight material. Therefore, it’s ballistic and impact-resistant. The main feature that makes it one of the best is just that. That means that if you get into an uncomfortable situation where you need a high level of eye protection, these glasses will fully protect you.

Magpul outdid themselves with this design. It looks fantastic, and I wouldn’t be ashamed walking around with it. Magpul outdid themselves with this one. I would be comfortable wearing these publicly. They look impressive.

Additionally, because Magpul sells many other protection equipments, you can get many great deals for extra protective gear. For instance, there’s a great deal for these glasses and one of the best ear protection gear out there. I have an entire post on the best ear protection, and I encourage you to read it. 

To summarize, these glasses provide many features. I encourage you to check Magpul out for yourself. They have plenty of fantastic products, which makes them trustworthy. In addition, its design and construction are the best I’ve seen in a long time. If I could go back in time and buy it for myself in the military, I would. Lastly, these shooting glasses have plenty of positive reviews, making them high quality and easy to trust.

How do I choose the best shooting glasses?

A soldier shooting
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Before choosing a product to my liking, I go through some factors that assist me in deciding which are the most prominent ones. That way, I guarantee that the shooting glasses will be to everyone’s liking. That causes my trust to rise, and everyone will be happier. 

First, I look at the company. A fantastic product that a low-quality company made isn’t worth our money. I don’t care if the product is the best one I’ve ever seen. It’s not worth your money if there isn’t a brand we can all trust. All of my recommendations are from companies I know and trust. In every product I review, I write a paragraph on the company. That way, you’ll know what I think about it. 

Whenever I notice a company I like, I look at the product itself. In our case, I see if the shooting glasses have a few features which I consider to be mandatory. If it’s not ballistic, lightweight, and impact-resistant, I won’t consider reviewing it for you. 

As you know, I’ve been a special forces operator in the military for several years. Therefore, I know my tactical stuff. I can tell which products will be comfortable and durable. My service in the military significantly changes my opinion in such matters. I want you to have the best experience in the activity you do. Therefore, my goal is to assist you in finding the best products at the best prices available.

What shooting glasses does the military use?

Every institution that uses shooting glasses has its standards. The military will only provide its operators with the best ballistic eye protection equipment. Therefore, it’s harder for companies to supply fitting shooting glasses for the military. That means that buying these products will be more expensive. 

Ballistic glasses the military approves for use must meet the same standards. Eye protection must withstand at least 0.15 caliber at 640 feet/second. That’s approximately 3.8mm at a velocity of 200 m/s. These requirements are high and ensure that operators won’t injure their eyes while on duty. 

Civilians’ institutions’ standards for the shooting glasses they use are lower than the military. Therefore, you can say that the protection they provide to the user is inferior. 

Throughout my service, I’ve used four types of shooting glasses. Admittedly, there was a time where I was sick of wearing eye protection. It was luck that helped me avoid permanent vision decrease. If I were to go back in time, I would wear my tactical ballistic shooting glasses every time I would be active. Because of my service, I can tell which shooting glasses are high-quality. There’s another reason for you to trust me.

SolidWork is a company that sells protective gear. Honestly, I recommend these products merely because of the companies that made them. Let me explain. Companies whose entire field of work is protective gear are more trusted than a tactical equipment company. What do I mean by that? If a brand’s sole focus is to make the best protection equipment, it’ll be better than the other products on the market. 

SolidWork is familiar with the best ways to produce top-tier protective equipment. That’s their entire focus. For that reason, I believe that buying protective equipment from them is wise. 

First, this product is affordable. Anyone interested in buying eye protection can invest that much money in it. I’m aware that are higher-quality and more fashionable choices out there. Yet, if you buy these shooting glasses, your eyes will stay safe 100%. There’s no going wrong with this product. 

Secondly, most of the products at this price are of low quality. From my experience in the field, I can tell you that this eye protection equipment is fantastic. Not only is it durable and high quality, but it’s also comfortable and solid. 

In addition, I’ve mentioned in one of the previous sections the factors from which I decide on which products to recommend. SolidWork did a solid (pun intended) job constructing this product. If I go over the list of standards I have, it’s all of them. Thus I know that this product is of high quality. 

Certain products are incredibly high quality and pricey. However, I’m not for all for the high prices in the market. When I see a fantastic product, I know it’s one. When I first looked at these tactical shooting glasses, I knew it’s worth your money and worth investing your money.

Durable & Adjustable Polycarbonate-TPR Mix frame

Strong & Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate lens

Anti-Fog + Anti-Scratch + Anti-Glare coating

Amazon product details

To summarize, there are many fantastic products out there. Yet, this one stands out from the rest. These are solid shooting glasses that have a low price. Thus you can’t go wrong with buying them. In addition, there are many fantastic deals the company in charge offers with these glasses. Lastly, SolidWork is a protection brand. Consequently, their products rise over the rest of the competition in terms of protection level.

Similar to the previous shooting glasses, this one is a fantastic product. For instance, both of them resemble cheap price points. Therefore, most people will be able to afford them. Some individuals don’t look to spend plenty of money on protective gear. They prefer to get high-quality tactical gear. Consequently, they’ll be able to afford this one. 

I didn’t choose these tactical sunglasses for the protection level they provide. Honestly, they won’t protect you as well as the previous ones. Yet, I wanted to include them in my best shooting glasses list. They’re stylish, comfortable, anti-fog, protect from the sun, and entirely tactical. Therefore, I know that many of you might go for them.  

As much as I’m recommending it, it’s my job to tell you of the cons. The main one is that they won’t protect your eyes while shooting. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend these to someone who spends most of their time inside a gun range. 

I would encourage anyone to buy them who has an outdoor hobby, for instance, hunters, fishermen, hikers, and any other pursuit you may do. Venture gear built them to have them on for long periods. Therefore, anyone staying outside for a long time under the sun will benefit.

They look great, feel great and comfortable on my head. They don’t fog up at all even in extreme heat or while wearing a mask which was the main reason I purchased them. But they do scratch though, other than that not a big deal! They’re sunglasses at the end of the day u gotta be careful with them

Amazon Review – Amazon Customer, 5-Stars

In conclusion, these tactical sunglasses are not your go-to shooting glasses. They won’t keep your eyes completely safe. Therefore, if you’re spending plenty of time at the gun range, they will be no good for you. Yet their design and other positive attributes made me include this product. Lastly, I would encourage anyone who has an outdoor pursuit to buy these, as they’re fantastic to protect your eyes from the warm sun.

Shooting Glasses Pricing – How much should you spend on eye protection?

A bag of cash
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

While many people may recommend not to spend as much money on protective gear, I’ll contrast these people. Before having the best tactical equipment, you want to protect yourself. Therefore, ear and eye protection are especially significant. In addition, you want to carry a plate carrier and a tactical helmet if you’re doing any dangerous business. 

You shouldn’t invest more than $150 in eye protection. There are many products I’ve seen that exceed this price. While their quality is up there, it’s not worth investing that amount of money on eye protection equipment. The average cost of high-quality shooting glasses is $50-$70. Therefore, spending that much money on it is reasonable and wise. 

While I encourage everyone who reads this to do their research, I encourage you to follow my suggestions and buy one of the products I listed above. I am here to assist you in choosing the best products for you. However, only you can choose the most suitable protective gear for yourself. 

Should you buy shooting glasses?

Man shooting a pistol
Image by satellitov from Pixabay

If you’re reading this post, I’m convinced you’ll benefit from having eye protection equipment. Most people who participate in outdoor hobbies need to protect themselves. Therefore, investing money in it is essential. 

If you ask any operator, he’ll point out the importance of protective gear. That’s why they wear a plate carrier, tactical helmet, shooting glasses, and eye protection on them while they’re active. If they’re not protecting themselves, no one will. 

For that, I encourage you to consider buying all the gear you need to keep yourself safe. For instance, if you’re a hunter, you may encounter the need to wear ear protection. In a scenario where you want to shoot your hunting rifle, you may injure your ear. That may lead to permanent ear damage. You must keep your senses safe. I didn’t, and I can’t regret it enough.

So, if you’re an outdoor activist, you should buy shooting glasses. Not only will it help you keep your vision, but they’re stylish, comfortable, and durable. In addition, I’ve seen many people I know damage their vision. I don’t want you to do the same. Therefore, I encourage you to buy one of the products I’ve listed above.


Shaking Hands

Keeping your vision should be your top priority. Imagine living without the most vital sense. You’ll never forgive yourself for not wearing any eye protection equipment. Therefore, this post is close to my heart. My goal in this article is to encourage you to wear protective gear.

The products I’ve listed above are the ones I truly believe are the best out there. They’re the most durable, provide the most protection, are lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. Thus buying these tactical shooting glasses will be a positive investment. 

In this post, I’ve shared the entirety of my knowledge in the eye protection field. I have plenty of experience in the protection world. Consequently, I know that if you decide to listen to me, you’ll benefit from the knowledge I offer. 

There are plenty of other articles regarding tactical protection gear I wrote. If you wish to expand your knowledge and research these matters, I encourage you to check my website,

As I’ve said, the goal of this post was to assist you in buying vital protection gear. If you’re not going to protect your body and senses, I’ll force you to buy it. Imagine the feeling of losing your vision over a hobby you do. You’ll never forgive yourself for losing it. Therefore, I can’t stress this enough. How much money are you willing to invest to ensure your vision stays the same as it is now?


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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