11 Best Tactical Boots for All Purposes 2022 (Military & More)

Tactical Boots

Demand for tactical gear is on a constant rise. Because of that, the variety of products one can buy is enormous. Thus customers may become confused as to choose which one to buy. I understand that problem because I was that customer.

Next, we’ll discuss the best tactical boots that you should purchase. Knowing that- you will become capable of understanding which products are solid and which are low quality. I respect the industry of tactical gear because it is incredibly difficult to manufacture such products. However, the truth must be told at some point.

Throughout my military career, I used a bunch of boots, many from different companies. At first, I didn’t know which pair I should get because there were so many. However, as time progressed, I began to understand what made a certain pair of boots better than the others.
Now, I want to emphasize the importance of high-quality tactical gear. I wrote a few posts about such equipment. If you’re interested in getting the best tactical shirts or tactical pants, I encourage you to follow the links.

Having high-quality equipment will ensure you perform your best- when it matters. Personally, I was a special forces operator for about 4-years. Because of that, I had to ensure that when I had to react, I would be ready.

Therefore, having my equipment set up at all times- was crucial for performing as best as possible. That allowed me to have an incredible career, while I was at it.

Why you should trust me

I’m a big fanatic of tactical gear and special forces for the simple reason that I was one. Because of that, I know what it takes to be the best. I’ve been around the best operators constantly. Heck, I was one of them. 

Without any humble-bragging this time, I know what it takes to become better at what you do. I’m aware of what you’re looking for, and thus I’m confident I can assist you in your situation. 

You’re most likely confused over the variety of tactical boots one can buy. However, I believe I can solve that problem. I can distinguish between high and low-quality tactical gear because I’ve used more pairs than you may think. 

Overall, because I’ve been down-range for most of my adult life, I acquired experience. Most people who recommend products on the internet don’t have that. Because of that, you should trust me to make the appropriate decisions.

Overall Best Tactical Boots 

Oakley LT Assault 2 Boot

Oakley LT Assault 2 Boot

First, let’s discuss the company. Oakley is a personal favorite of mine because they’re high-quality and consistent. You won’t buy any products that’ll let you down. I’ve recently purchased a pair of sunglasses that have cost around the price of these boots. I can say with complete confidence that they’re incredible. Eventually, their reputation is consistent and partly because of that, I made this pair my overall best tactical boots.

Now that we’re through with the company, let’s discuss what to expect from this pair of boots.

The most crucial factor when choosing tactical boots is their weight. If you want to be completely tactical, you must move quickly and without too much weight on your back. This pair is lightweight, which means it’s suitable for such purposes. In addition, the sole is durable. Because of that, the overall quality of the boot is up there.

Before we continue, I wrote an article on the best tactical knives in the world. I recommend reading it as it correlates closely with this article, and it may improve your performance.

I would like to mention that some people didn’t like these pairs of tactical boots because they weren’t as durable. However, I didn’t find this to be the case. In fact, I would say Oakley sells durable boots, which will fit anyone with any outdoor hobby. However, listening to the reviews is important, and yet I listed them as my overall best.

Finally, some boots can cost up to $400 if the company behind believes in their product. Personally, I won’t buy boots at such a price because the lower-priced products are just as reliable and effective. Now, Oakley listed this pair at an average price. If you need a pair of tactical boots, but don’t have as much money budget to invest in them, I recommend reading the next section.

Best Budget Tactical Boots

NORTIV 8 Men’s Military Tactical Work Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Military Tactical Work Boots

Many outdoor enthusiasts aren’t capable of spending their entire life savings on a pair of boots. As such, buying a cheaper pair will solve the problem. The issue is- that many lower-priced products are on the low-quality side of the spectrum. Because of that, you may end up dissatisfied, which is not the point. If you’ve reached such a point, you did something wrong.

NORTIV 8 designed this pair of boots while maintaining a lower price. Not only are these tactical boots reliable, but they’re also durable and consistent. Additionally, they’re considered lightweight and thus suitable for tactical scenarios. Their sole is from rubber, which will ensure they’re as flexible as you need them to be.

Overall, I recommend buying this product as it’s a suitable choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. You won’t have to spend as much money on the equipment, and you’ll be enjoying a high-quality experience. More aspects of the boot include ankle protection.

I myself have suffered plenty of ankle injuries in my training. Because of that, I’m aware that it’s incredibly challenging to keep your ankles safe while walking all day. I know. However, we must minimize the effects of “ankle breakers” or else we’ll have permanent damage- as I have.

Lastly, the company ensures you’ll enjoy having the product and they have a reliable customer service system. Because of that, not only is the price low, but you also have people to go to if the boots provide issues. Although I recommend investing more money on tactical boots, if that’s your budget, that’s the best pair you can get.

Best Military Tactical Boots

Lowa Men’s Zephyr GTX Mid TF

Lowa Men's Zephyr GTX Mid TF

These are, the absolute best military tactical boots one can ever buy- and I can explain. First, let’s discuss the company. Lowa is the leading manufacturer of tactical boots worldwide. I don’t live in the US and it has its effect here as much as in the US. Because of that, there’s no doubt in my mind that if you decide to buy from them, you’ll have an incredibly positive experience.

Lowa Zephyr tactical boots are the best out there for military or any other law-enforcement use. The entire shoe is from leather, which is extremely durable. Lastly, it’s waterproof and lightweight. Because of that, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy the experience of having them. Their entire purpose is to fit the military, and thus I recommend buying them.

I’ve used the Zephyr for about 2-3 years. By far, they’re the most comfortable, durable, waterproof, breathable, and reliable pair of tactical boots I have ever owned. Because of that, I encourage everyone to check these out.

Additionally, all of my team members own a pair of Zephyr because they’re a must in our industry. Most own the desert style and some the black. It’s the best purchase I’ve made for any tactical gear- in my entire career as a special forces operator. Eventually, buying from Lowa will guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.

However, there’s a single problem; the price. One can argue, “You talked so positively about these boots, but they’re not your best overall”. Well, that’s true. Yet, the price prevented me from listing it on top. Although I shouldn’t think of your price budget as a factor, the overall price of the tactical boots is important to note.

The price of Lowa’s Zephyr is 4-times the price of the previous pair. For that reason, most people won’t be willing to buy it. Yet, it’s my personal favorite. Hence there isn’t a single part of my body that’ll tell you not to buy them. They’ll change your life, I guarantee.

Best Tactical Boots for Hiking

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

For hiking, the most crucial factor to have in a boot is durability, flexibility, and comfortability. Because of that, finding a pair that excels in these realms was most important for me. Usually, Timberland isn’t a company I would recommend for any tactical gear. Yet, they constructed this fantastic product which I believe can make your experience more positive.

This tactical boot by Timberland is especially suitable for hiking because of the key features it provides the user. For instance, it’s made from leather. As you know already, leather is incredibly suitable for tactical boots because it’s lightweight, durable, flexible, waterproof, and comfortable. Additionally, its sole is from rubber, which means it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Next, for the pricing. It’s not as cheap as the budget pair. However, it’s not as costly as the Lowa. I would consider this Timberland pair to be on the average side of matters. Because of that, most people will be willing to invest that amount of money in this pair.

Timberland also offers customer service for the boot. As a result, if you received it not complete, or if it had ripped, you can contact them to solve the issues you’re facing.

Eventually, I recommend this pair of tactical boots for hiking because of the features that they excel in. For that reason, if that’s your goal, I recommend buying them. They’re comfortable, lightweight, breathable, durable, flexible, and waterproof. Thus they fit our criteria.

Best Tactical Boots for Airsoft

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Tactical Boots

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Tactical Boots

Although I believe that any tactical boot is also suitable for Airsoft, if that’s your exclusive purpose, I recommend buying this pair of boots. FREE SOLDIER is a company, that you can guess, sells tactical gear for law enforcement personnel. For instance, they sell tactical shirts, pants, and various outdoor equipment. Because of that, they know what they’re doing with their product lines.

If you’re into Airsoft, you’re looking for a boot that will be suitable for the military- since the environment is similar. Because of that, you can buy the LOWA or the Timberlands. However, I recommend you to buy these FREE SOLDIER tactical boots because of the company. They designed it to fit outdoor enthusiasts, which includes Airsoft. They even disclosed it in their description.

I made this section solely to let you know that every tactical boot can also be suitable for Airsoft. Because of that, there’s no need to look for a company that specifically designs just Airsoft gear. Instead, look for a high-quality tactical equipment product line, and search for your boots over there.

Because of that, I have no doubts that if you buy these FREE SOLDIER boots, and even combine them with another product in their line, you’ll be satisfied and have plenty of positive experiences with them.

Best Tactical Boots for Women

Columbia Women’s Hiking Shoe

Columbia Women's Hiking Shoe

The following shoe is most suitable for women who are also outdoor enthusiasts. Columbia is a fantastic company, and I own many of its products. Therefore, recommending it to you- is effortless. I write this section with full confidence that if you decide to buy these pair of shoes, you’ll be extremely satisfied. Most previous shoes also come for women.

These Columbia tactical boots for women are a fantastic choice because of the many features it presents to the user. For example, it’s made from leather. As I previously mentioned, this material is waterproof, lightweight, reliable, breathable, and durable. As a result, it’s suitable for said scenarios.

Eventually, Columbia is an incredible company, and you can’t go wrong with buying from them. As such, I believe that if you purchase this pair from them, you’ll be satisfied with the purchase. The price is on the average side, and thus most people can afford it.

Under Armour Tactical Boot for Women

Under Armour Tactical Boot for Women

If you’re a woman and in the military, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t buy these boots. Although you may receive the standard pair from your logistics department, buying this one will ensure you’re comfortable at all times.

Up until the point I researched the different tactical boots for this post, I didn’t know Under Armour designed such products. However, I was rather shocked to find out that they’re solid. Thus although I was hesitant at first, I find them to be suitable for our purposes.

Unlike the previous pair, these tactical boots are for the military. As such, they incorporate distinct features to fit military environments. For instance, Under Armour constructed these boots from leather and textile. As a result, they’re incredibly durable and waterproof, which are vital aspects of the products we want to purchase.

Eventually, their price is on the high-end. Because of that, if you’re willing to invest that amount of money on tactical boots, I encourage buying them. However, if you’re not, a pair such as the previous one- may be more suitable.

Under Armour Men’s Tactical Boots with a Zipper

Under Armour Men's Tactical Boots with a Zipper

Such as the previous pair, this one is also by Under Armour. Again, I didn’t know they designed such solid tactical boots, and I’m truly impressed. I would like to mention that with companies on that side, receiving service will be effortless. Because of that, if that’s your first pair of tactical boots, I encourage you to buy from a company of that scale.

These tactical boots are incredibly suitable for any purpose you may think of. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast to a special forces operator, they’ll fit. They’re extremely durable, reliable, and full of positive attention from customers. Because of that, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy them.

Eventually, their pricing is on the high-end. As such, you may be unwilling to spend that much on tactical boots. However, if you are, I would consider buying them as they’re fantastic for such purposes.

Bates Men’s 8inches Tactical Side Zip Military Boot

Bates Men's 8inches Tactical Side Zip Military Boot

This pair is suitable for you if you’re looking for a military boot. It’s not as effective for any other purposes. As such, if your goal is hiking, for instance, you shouldn’t buy it. Instead, if you’re in the military, or play Airsoft, I encourage you to check it out.

It’s made from 70% leather and 30% nylon. Because of that, it’s entirely reliable and durable. Additionally, it’s a tall boot. For that reason, your ankles will be set in place, which ensures you won’t cause any damage to them. Finally, their price is on the high-end because of their quality. I ensure you’ll enjoy this product.

Merrell Tactical Boots

Merrell Tactical Boots

At first, I was surprised to see the saturation this industry provides. Many companies design their unique take on what a pair of tactical boots should look like. Because of that, there’s a variety one can choose from.

I recommend buying these if you’re interested in a high-quality pair of tactical boots. They are everything that you may need from such a product. They’re durable, breathable, reliable, high-quality, and lightweight. Because of that, they’re suitable for tactical use. Eventually, their pricing is on the average side. Thus if your price budget is fairly low, you may want to consider getting the budget pair I listed.

5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 8″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8" Tactical Side Zip Military Boot

5.11 is my favorite company that produces high-quality tactical gear. Because of that, buying from them- is wiser than most companies out there. Their experience will ensure you purchase only suitable products for your doings. If you’re a fan of tactical environments, I recommend checking their Amazon store, as you may fall in love.

This tactical boot is as high-quality as it is because it was produced by an incredible company; 5.11 Tactical. Most of my teammates own at least a single item that belonged to them. As a result, I can tell you that their lines are insanely high-quality and can be trusted. Eventually, the pricing fits the narrative of the quality and thus it’s worth buying.

Key features of tactical boots

Because the market is saturated with companies- each designing their own boots, we must know which factors matter in the tactical boots we desire to have. Because of that, I made a list of aspects that I looked for when deciding which pair are the best.

If you follow the following list, you’ll become capable of choosing tactical boots with your own judgment. It’s crucial to understand that most known companies manufacture high-quality products. Because of that, trusting large-scale companies- is safe.


Tactical boots must be durable. If they’re not, you won’t sustain them for a prolonged time. Thus the material which they’re made from- plays a large role in the deciding judgment. For instance, if a pair of military boots is from Leather, we know it’ll hold- since it’s a durable material. However, absurd materials, such as rubber- won’t last as long.

When choosing your tactical boots, be sure to check the material and look whether it’s durable or not. If it’s not, stay away from the product as it’s most likely not worth your hard-earned money.


Most of the time, military environments will include water. In my service, I’ve been inside deep water on my way to operation plenty of times. As a result, your tactical gear must be capable of withholding water. If it won’t, you’ll be in a world of pain.

Choosing your tactical boots to be waterproof is more important than you may initially think- as they’re tactical. As such, they must be capable of withholding any amount of water, large or small. Therefore, check the product’s details before buying any product.


Being tactical = being quick.

My commander

Imagine the following scenario, you’re walking with your team; when suddenly- unknown enemies begin shooting at you. Your only option- as you can’t see them is to take cover. Now if you had a 40kg backpack on you, what would happen? You most likely were to react slowly because of the weight that’s on you.

Owning tactical gear is so you can be more efficient in your work. Because of that, your tactical boots must be lightweight. When I began my service, they gave me a rusty pair of shoes that weighed 4kg. Does that sound reasonable? Not at all. As such, I couldn’t function as well unless I were to own a less heavy pair of shoes.


Although this correlates with durability, you have to trust your equipment. Being confident in your skills and your gear is more vital than you may initially think. As such, owning gear that you truly believe in will make you a better operator or better at your hobby.

You must know that the pair of tactical boots you’re buying- is reliable. That’s the only way you’ll be confident in your skills- which will determine how you perform. Having the best shirt, pants, uniform, gun, helmet, ear protection, and shooting glasses, are integral to being the best amongst the best.


A part of being tactical is being flexible. You must have a large range of motion to be the best at what you do. Reaching different spots in your kit or performing any other uncomfortable action- will require you to be as flexible as possible.

Thus your tactical boots must be so as well. You must be capable of kneeling, even when having a large backpack on your back. A solid pair of shoes will solve that issue.

Reliable company

Buying gear from the best companies out there- is vital for your satisfaction. Picture buying a product and receiving it broken. Well, if you ordered it from an unknown company- based anywhere which is not your country, you’ve invited trouble. Thus you’ll notice yourself not receiving as much service as you would wish to. As a result, buying another pair from a company you trust- will be the next move.


The most crucial part of tactical boots is that they’ll be comfortable. The best way to know before buying a pair is to have a visit the reviews. If many customers claim they’re not satisfied with the way the shoe fits their leg- you shouldn’t buy them.

On the other hand, if there’s no odd reasoning as to whether you should buy them or not, going for them- is safe.


You will most likely sweat when wearing your tactical boots. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the military or not, being active is integral to owning such a pair of shoes. As a result, they must have some air circulation flowing in or you’ll be in for a bad time. It doesn’t have to be completely complicated. Instead, a simple solution is all it takes for a pair to upgrade themselves from low to high-quality.

Types of tactical boots

Today, there’s a variety of tactical boots you should consider when looking for the ultimate pair. I recommend fitting your desire to the type that’ll serve you the best. As such, it’ll assist you tremendously in reaching your goals with owning a pair of tactical boots.


Most tactical boots have this option with the design of their product. It’s suitable for those looking for a military pair- rather than for a more stylish one. I don’t fancy the camouflage as much as the other designs. I wouldn’t encourage you to get it if you’re not in the military- and are forced to buy such a pair.

Instead, I recommend going for a more stylish design. For instance, I particularly love the black color for every tactical boot or shoe that I get. It’s simply more stylish than the other designs.


Hiking entails that you’re looking for walking shoes. You don’t want to do anything with tactical or the military. Now, that’s totally fine. In fact, it’s better that you’re familiar with your personal pursuits. I would even go as far as to say that you shouldn’t aim for most tactical shoes out there.

Although tactical is also suitable for hiking, having specifically designed shoes- by hiking companies is better. For instance, check this product out. (Amazon)

Military (Tall)

If you’re in the military, buying tall shoes may be better for your situation. The design doesn’t matter unless you have to get the camouflage design, which I already said I think about it.

The tall shoes are better for long walks with weight and for anything that has to do with being an operator. If you’re not, I recommend you to stay away from such a product and instead focus on the LOWA style shoes, which are better for civilian use.

How I chose the tactical boots that I listed

First, I used my experience as a previous special forces operator to distinguish between low and high-quality boots. As a result, I was capable of identifying tactical pairs that simply are- worth your money.

Then, I compared all the pairs that attracted my attention with their design, aspects, and features . As a result, I could see which boots were best suitable for which occupation. That’s how I was able to divide this article into a few categories, which may assist you in choosing a suitable pair of tactical boots.

If a tactical boot missed a single aspect that I’ve mentioned in the previous sections, I took it out of the viable options. As such, I came out with a final list, including the best overall and the best budget.

All of the products I listed are worth your money. I currently own the LOWA from my service. They’ve been through plenty of suffering and yet they made it through. I recommend buying such a pair if you’re willing to invest more money in higher quality pair of tactical boots.


Wrapping this article up, tactical boots are incredibly important to have- whether you are a special forces operator or an outdoor enthusiast. As a result, we took a look at the eleven best pairs of tactical boots you can find today.

Having the best equipment will grant you an advantage. At times, you hear the phrase, “Gear doesn’t matter, it’s all about how hard you work”. While the second part is accurate, having high-quality gear will make your life easier. From my experience, there’s no replacement for a solid pair of shoes, and thus you should invest money in such a product.

If you’re interested in buying more tactical gear, I wrote an article on the best ear protection for shooting and the best tactical helmets. in addition, the best shooting glasses for your money. Be sure to check them out!


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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