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Over the past few years, the boxing industry has been increasingly popular, and the fighters’ net worth are now beginning to reflect that fact. If you are a boxing lover, have you ever wondered how much money your favorite fighters make, and who ranks the highest on the list of the highest-paid boxers in the world? 

The highest-paid boxer in the world is Floyd Mayweather, a legendary boxer currently retired. He allegedly had the highest costly boxing contract in history, costing $450 million, according to Sportsala. According to Celebrity Net Worth, throughout his boxing career, he could easily make $150–300 million and $10–20 million in sponsorships annually.

Floyd’s bouts with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor were his most lucrative bouts. He is the richest boxer in history and is considered the sport’s best. He retired from professional boxing in 2017, having never lost a match. Mayweather currently owns and manages a NASCAR Cup Series team.

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The highest-paid boxer 

With the world record set by Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, the boxing business has gained popularity and is booming. The boxing contest between Paul and Mayweather drew a sizable crowd and netted substantial sums of money for both boxers. Also, fans often wonder about the boxers’ net worth due to the growth of boxing leagues and fighters in the ring.

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is 560 Million Dollars. He is a professional boxer in the United States and a promoter of the sport of boxing. Floyd fought professionally from 1996 to 2007, from 2009 until 2015, and then made a comeback in 2017. He competed in five weight classes and won several world titles before retiring.

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The estimated value of Floyd Mayweather’s net worth as of October 2022 is approximately 560 million dollars, making him the richest boxer in the world.

He also won numerous world titles before calling it a career with a perfect record of 50-0.

The estimated value of Floyd Mayweather’s net worth as of October 2022 is approximately 560 million dollars, making him the richest boxer in the world.

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Who is the highest-paid boxer in history?

Floyd Mayweather was given the name “Money” Mayweather due to being the highest-paid boxer in history. 

Floyd Mayweather is the only boxer to have earned more than $200 million from a single fight in history. He accomplished this feat twice, first against Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and then against Conor McGregor in 2017, when he earned a record $275 million. Also, only “Money” Mayweather has won over $200 million from a fight.

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According to a study conducted by Sportico, Floyd Mayweather is the sixth highest-paid athlete of all time in history, and four other boxers are in the Top 25.

On the list, Michael Jordan, a former NBA player who amassed earnings of $2.62 billion after adjusting for inflation, comes in first place. The amount he earned from his playing contracts only accounts for 6% of the total.

Throughout his career, which spanned two decades, Mayweather made $1.2 billion from pay-per-view events alone. The next three boxers on the list are Mike Tyson at number 16, Manny Pacquiao at number 18, and Oscar De La Hoya at 23. Each of these fighters has a net worth of 775 million dollars, 630 million dollars, and 580 million dollars, respectively.

Sportico’s study calculated these figures using revenue from salary, endorsements, licensing, and merchandise sales.

Mayweather competed in four of the top ten most lucrative pay-per-view boxing events of all time, and five of the top events. Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya, and Miguel Cotto were his respective opponents in those battles.

How much does the highest-paid boxer make?

How much do the highest-paid boxers make? The answer to this question isn’t as easy as it looks. Various factors influence a professional boxer’s annual wage, including how frequently they fight, different endorsement deals, and their level of popularity. 

Great fighters like Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, and the rest of the current crop earn million-dollar salaries. For instance, Anthony Joshua makes about 20 million in a year. Total Sportal said Joshua would make about $20 million when he lost to Oleksandr Usyk in 2021. Floyd Mayweather has earned more than a billion dollars.

Although he is an exception, the cutthroat business of boxing makes it so that 99.9% of professional fighters competing today will never receive that kind of money.

How much do professional boxers make?

You might be wondering how many professional boxers make. Many criteria determine a professional boxer’s annual wage, including the number of fights they participate in, the number of sponsorship deals they sign, and the overall popularity of the fighter. Boxing is a business; it doesn’t matter how excellent a boxer you are if no one wants to see your battles.

Many aspiring professional boxers might be surprised to learn that the median pay for a boxer is $51,370. In other words, half of the active professional fighters today made less money than this. The lowest 10% of professional boxers earn less than $19,220 annually, and only the top 1% make more than $1 million annually.

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Most professional boxers do not make million-dollar salaries comparable to great fighters like Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, and the rest of the current crop. It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather has earned more than a billion dollars through boxing alone. Several factors determine the annual wage of a professional boxer, some of which are unrelated to fight night, such as sponsorships and the sale of items. 

All these are significant since most professional boxers fight anywhere from twice to seven times a year in a single year; there is a considerable amount of time between each bout. Although most elite fighters who make the most money compete twice a year, this is only sometimes the case.

How much do amateur boxers make?

For individuals ready to push themselves to their physical and mental limitations, boxing can be a very rewarding career option. Maybe you’ve considered this question for some time: how much money do amateur boxers expect to make?

Amateur boxers make $19,225 annually on the low and $35,584 on average. Boxing has numerous championships that offer greater money to earn. An amateur boxer’s compensation can range widely, depending on factors like the fighter’s experience in the ring and the nature of the sponsors supporting their team while they compete.

When calculating how much money a boxer will make, there are various factors to consider. Some levels do not have a stable number that you can determine precisely. 

It is essential to be aware that only some amateur boxers receive payment for their services. Most of them compete without compensation to build their reputations and gain more experience before becoming professionals and earning money from their efforts.

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Final words

Remember that many boxers in the professional ranks aren’t in it for the money. Most fighters don’t enter the ring to make a fortune; many do it for the love of the sport. Though it’s crucial to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves, a lifetime of boxing can negatively affect cognitive functioning.

A career as a professional boxer is dangerous, with no job security, pension, or retirement benefits, so knowing how much fighters earn influence your decisions positively.

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