What Are Pocket Knives Good For? Benefits, Uses, Tips

Three open pocket knives

Today, the rate of people arming themselves is continuously growing. Many people have realized the benefits such self-defense weapons have. Yet, self-defense isn’t the sole purpose of buying a pocket knife. 

First, a pocket knife is a self-defense weapon of high quality. Because of that, the rate of people arming themselves using such tools is higher than ever. Secondly, it’s a tool that provides utility. Thus some carry a pocket knife to ensure they can accomplish day-to-day actions.

However, that’s not all. Pocket knives have countless uses and benefits. Therefore, if you want to carry one, knowing these will assist you in understanding the tool to a higher level. I always have a knife on me, and so should you

Benefits of Pocket Knives

When I bought my first pocket knife, my quality of life had increased instantly. Having a utility tool, such as that, makes various actions painless. Opening packages, for instance, was no longer a problem. Yet, that wasn’t the reason I started to carry a knife.

As a general rule, pocket knives have various benefits. The fact that you have a sharp blade in your pocket increases your self-confidence. Hence, in threatening situations, you’ll be able to react. Lastly, being ready for the unexpected is key in life. 

When you carry a knife, you have responsibility. That’s to react and assist people who can’t defend themselves. Helping an injured animal that got stuck in a fence, for example, is a potential use of a pocket knife. 

Increasing your confidence


Being ready is to ensure you can react to the unexpected. Many people have encountered situations they weren’t expecting. Consequently, if they had prepared themselves for such circumstances, responding would flow naturally. However, for some, that’s not the case. 

Carrying a pocket knife will instantly increase your self-confidence. When you comprehend that you’re ready to react to any unexpected situation while having the ability to assist others, you’ll realize the capability a pocket knife has.

In the military, they train you to react quickly. For the first eight months of my training, I’ve woken up to get on my uniform in two minutes. That forced me to be ready for the unexpected. That’s why I urge you to look over getting yourself a sharp blade.

I have a post entirely dedicated to the best pocket knives. If you’re interested in buying one, I highly encourage you to read it. 

Eventually, many people are looking to arm themselves. However, they’re not willing to invest as much time in it. As a result, some will give up in the middle of the process. 

In most scenarios, it’s worth investing money in a high-quality product, especially if you’re a beginner. That way, you’ll have a better blade to work with, and your confidence will better increase.

It’s important to note that having a pocket knife isn’t a magic trick. Therefore, don’t expect it to solve your entire problem. That said, carrying one may give you a starting boost.

It’s a means of Self-Defense.

The leading reason individuals purchase a pocket knife is to defend themselves. Heck, most likely, you’re here to do the same. When I began my knife journey, I wanted to have a way of defending myself. 

A pocket knife is one of the leading self-defense weapons worldwide. Many people are looking to arm themselves. Thus they’re looking to buy an all-around self-defense weapon. For many of them, they result in buying a pocket knife. 

Self-defense is an art. Many people have tried mastering it. However, the vast majority failed. 

I wrote a post on self-defense and anything it may include. Laws, the right to self-defense, and I explain everything thoroughly. Before you continue, I recommend reading it. 

Most people tend not to care about a scenario until it happens. In our case, you don’t want to be doing it. In the US, in 2020, there were 74,403 aggravated assaults. That number is massive. 

From the statistics, we can interpret that the next assault may happen to ourselves or our surroundings. Consequently, we want to prepare ourselves in case anything does happen. 

What’s the easiest and quickest way to do so? Buy and carry a pocket knife at all times. That way, you’ll ensure you have a means of self-defense. You’ll be able to defend not only yourself but others who require additional help. 

Assisting others

While self-defense is essential, focusing solely on yourself may cause trouble. When you carry a pocket knife, understand the responsibility that follows it. You have a weapon that you can use whenever you want. Therefore, not only do you need to keep yourself safe but to assist others that require help.

At times, using a pocket knife can assist others that require help. Consequently, when you have one, you have a responsibility to aid others. For that, practicing your skills with the pocket knife is a must for most people.

From my experience, I can tell you that there are many instances that to react, you must be ready for the unexpected. Disabling an attacker that suddenly decided to flush his anger will require you to be conditioned. 

I’ll repeat myself, when you carry a knife, ensure you’re ready to use it. 

I served in the military for a lengthy period as an operator. Thus I know the importance of being ready. If you’re not, you may end up injured. 

The goal of self-defense and protecting others is to avoid as many injuries as possible. If no one got hurt, you’re in the clear. Therefore, when you use the pocket knife to disable an attacker, ensure you avoid injuries. 

It’s a tactical tool.

Soldiers Shooting
Image by Military_Material from Pixabay

Today, many people want to arm themselves. As a result, they end up buying a lethal/nonlethal self-defense weapon to ensure they’re ready to react. However, most of these tools will cause disturbance for the user. 

A pocket knife is lightweight, easily accessible, comfortable, sharp, deadly, and, most importantly, tactical. Therefore, it’s a leading self-defense weapon worldwide. In addition, in most regulated countries, it’s legal to possess.

Because of its many benefits, many people have decided to arm themselves with a pocket knife. There are positively too many to ignore. 

When I was active in the military, my entire team and I had pocket knives. We carried them inside our plate carriers. We were aware of the benefits such a weapon is capable of providing. We couldn’t say no. Not only is it a close-range offensive weapon, but it’s also a fantastic utility tool. 

Uses of Pocket Knives

Pocket knives provide plenty of benefits. Additionally, the number of uses you can one for is endless. Consequently, having a sharp blade will shorten the time of many actions. 

As a general rule, pocket knives are not solely a self-defense weapon, but they’re also tools that provide high utility. Therefore, many types of people carry pocket knives. Militaries worldwide provide their operators with different varieties of knives. 

In this section, we’ll discuss popular uses for pocket knives. If you’re interested in reading more on the topic of uses for pocket knives, ensure you read the post in the link. 

Opening packages

An open package
Image by Vadim_P from Pixabay

In 2020, 15 billion deliveries completed worldwide. Consequently, the number of packages has risen throughout the last couple of years. Now, I know you’ve struggled to open a box at one time in your life. 

A pocket knife is a suitable tool to open packages. First, you cut a small hole in the container. Later, you proceed in a straight line with the sharp blade. That will cause the package to open, and you made this action painless when you used a pocket knife. 

Opening a box is a mere example of the utility such a tool provides. Many people struggle with various daily actions. Therefore, having a pocket knife on you may transform some of them into painless acts. 

Cutting seatbelts

In 2020, there were 42,060 car accidents in the US. If you are unfamiliar with these statistics, that’s a massive number. In some cases, passengers got stuck behind a seatbelt. 

As a whole, pocket knives are capable of cutting seatbelts. Performing such action can assist individuals who are stuck strapped with a seatbelt. Consequently, that can be a life-saver. In most multifunction knives, there’s a seatbelt cutter.

Cutting seatbelts is a sole example of the high utility such tool has. Consequently, that’s a leading reason why many people buy them. If you’re looking for utility knives, I encourage you to read on the topic of multifunction knives.

Defending yourself & others

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Although this one is obvious, I had to include it in my list. Pockets knives became popular because they’re lethal, deadly. Therefore, one of the leading uses for a sharp blade is self-defense. 

Self-defense is the cause of popularity for pocket knives. Today, many people tend to buy such tools for these particular reasons. When carrying a pocket knife, you have a responsibility to not only defend yourself and your surroundings. 

Self-defense is art. Throughout the years, many people have tried mastering it. However, every art doesn’t have limits. Therefore, conquering it is impossible. 

Lately, the number of assaults that ensue worldwide has been increasing. Consequently, we need to prepare ourselves for a higher level. For that reason, regardless of whether you have a pocket knife, I encourage you to practice self-defense. 

Knowing how to respond to certain situations will merely assist you in solving them. Disabling an attacker that uses a knife, for example, is difficult. Thus practicing it before you encounter it is key to self-defense. 


Pocket knives are sound for many different uses. First, they’re my choice of a self-defense weapon. Additionally, the utility they provide is massive. Consequently, I encourage you to buy one.

Some of the benefits a pocket knife grants the user are an increase in confidence, having the ability to assist others, and lastly, it’s a fantastic self-defense weapon.

Next, there are countless uses one can perform with a pocket knife. Some examples are cutting seatbelts, defending yourself, cutting food, starting a fire, and lastly, opening packages.

For these reasons, I encourage you to buy a pocket knife. I have an entire post on the subject of the best pocket knives. Before leaving, ensure you look at it. 


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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