Can Cuban Boxers Go Pro? Everything You Need to Know

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Some countries have banned the participation of their athletes in various sports. Boxing is one of these sports that Cuba has banned. The participation of Cuban boxers to turn professional—requires they move out from their home country. However, in latest the last few years, the decision has changed.

Cuban boxers can turn professional, in a historic decision. Up until now, Cuban boxers weren’t able to go pro. For that reason, they dominated amateur boxing, including in the Olympics. As a result, they couldn’t make nearly as much money as their peers. Eventually, this decision will result in more success in that area.

Of course, professional boxing is extremely different from amateur, or even from the Olympics. Although Cuba has gotten a fair number of gold medals, it doesn’t mean that they’ll start controlling the professional scene as well.

To completely understand, they have 41 gold medals in boxing, throughout the years. For comparison, the US, which ultimately controls the boxing business, has 50. So you may now understand how powerful Cuba is in terms of success in amateur and Olympic boxing.

This article will discuss anything that you need to know about Cuban boxers and the latest decisions in the topic. The boxing business is about to make changes, and big ones. Stay tuned to learn everything.

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Can Cuban boxers turn professional?

Up until lately, Cuban boxers were not able to turn professional. That’s why they dominated the amateur scene with various solid fighters. But, we must understand that amateur and professional boxing—are extremely different. While one uses protective gear, for instance, the other doesn’t.

Cuban boxers can turn professional, although they were not allowed to do so throughout history. As a result, they can now dominate these scenes as well, without having to learn their hometown. And still, turning professional in boxing still remains a tough achievement, even for the best amateur fighters.

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Cuba has gotten various extraordinary achievements in boxing in the Olympics. As a result, they can also be capable of dominating over the professional scene. Who knows, we may see Cuba boxers control the boxing business soon.

In their local amateur scene, we can never know which of them are the best, as we don’t know how they would perform if they were against elite boxers. We can only assume that some of them would take the top spots in the world.

In the future, hopefully, we’ll be able to see some Cuban names hitting the top spots in the boxing scene.

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Can Cuban boxers fight professionally overseas?

Because Cuban boxers weren’t allowed to turn professional, some of them have left their hometown to resume their career somewhere else, Such an act is required for said boxers to turn professional. As such, some of them do it.

Cuban fighters can fight professionally overseas; but, that’ll require them to leave their hometown and start fresh somewhere else. Such process—can take longer than what most people expect. Nevertheless, it is possible.

Are Cuban boxers good?

Cuban boxers are known for their discipline and passion. They invest their time and effort into the sport of boxing in such a way that they necessarily will be good. There are certain theories about some Cuban boxers being in an elite level.

Some Cuban boxers are good at what they do. For instance, Teofilo Stevenson is one of the best heavyweight boxers Cuba has to offer. He has a record of 302-22 as an amateur. However, that’s different from professional boxing, which has more competition to offer.

Eventually, all countries have good boxers. However, we can never know how they’ll perform if they were to turn professional and compete at the elite levels.

It’s only common sense that boxers of that sort will have less competition when they compete in the amateur local scene. If they were to turn professional and move to the US, for example, their competition would rise instantly. That would result in a worse record, as you can imagine.

Nevertheless, some Cuban boxers are said to have extreme talent and discipline. These traits are what you need to become the elite in the elite. So, we can never know whether the amateur Cuban boxers, who have already retired, would achieve any sort of worthwhile achievement in professional boxing.

What we can know, however, is that Cuban boxers are good. If the best of them were to turn pro and start boxing overseas, they would gain more traction and be more prevalent. As a result, they would also earn more income, resulting in more people being interested in the art of boxing.

Final words

To end this article, I want to show my appreciation for Cuban boxers. They’ve been working extremely hard to approve themselves for turning professional. The time is here now, and they can, indeed, try their luck in the worldwide boxing scene.

Such an opportunity has allowed them to earn more income through their fights. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some Cuban boxers hitting the top spots in the worldwide boxing rankings.

Cuban boxers are extremely disciplined and passionate about the art of boxing. As a result, they can positively influence the art of punching, and help his huge community grow even more!

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