Boxing vs Muay-Thai – Which one is better? (Differences)


Learning any martial art- is wise. You’ll gain many physical and mental benefits. However, Boxing and Muay-Thai are incredible. Let’s dive into their differences and which one you should learn. 

Boxing and Muay-Thai are similar martial arts because they’ll make you a solid fighter. However, they’re different. Muay-Thai incorporates additional techniques- useful for fighting. For instance, you’ll learn all about grappling and kicking movements. 

That said, Boxing has its benefits over Muay-Thai. Although it isn’t as dynamic, you’ll gain many mental and physical benefits, such as better physical condition. 

Yet, you may find one better over the other. Thus I recommend looking into which one you want to learn. As a result, you’ll enjoy the process of learning more- and staying consistent- will become effortless. 

Next, I’ll go through the benefits and differences of both martial artsIf you want to learn about more fighting styles, I wrote an article on the best martial arts for self-defense. I recommend reading it- as it may insight you further. 

The differences between Muay-Thai and Boxing

Although learning any martial art is beneficial- choosing one that fits you- is crucial. If you don’t, you may quit of low satisfaction. Because of that, you must pick the one you’ll learn carefully. 

Muay-Thai and Boxing are different in techniques, dynamic nature, and origin. Yet, there are more differences- but these are the primary ones. Understanding that will help you choose the one you’ll learn. As a result, you’ll stay consistent and enjoy the process to a better degree. 

I recommend looking up additional fighting styles- to ensure you’re not missing out. I’ve had more success in specific martial arts. Thus I’m writing this section with complete confidence. Avoid common mistakes people make in martial arts- by researching before beginning. 

Listen to me- and consider the differences between the two, and you’ll have an advantage. However, if you don’t, you’ll end up dissatisfied. 

#1 – The techniques you’ll learn.

The first difference between the two is the techniques you’ll learn. As you may know, there are primary movements you’ll learn in fighting, for example, striking and kicking.

Muay-Thai includes more movements than Boxing. Because of that, you’ll learn more and end up more dynamic- if you practice it. In Boxing, you’ll learn to Box appropriately. You won’t do any kicking or grappling techniques- contrary to Muay-Thai. 

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Understanding that will give you an advantage in choosing one to learn. You may not want to study grappling techniques whatsoever. As a result, Muay-Thai won’t be for you. Yet, if you desire to be as dynamic as possible, consider doing it. 

Although you’ll learn more techniques in Muay-Thai, Boxing may be a better choice. So, how can you know which one to pick? If you want to Box appropriately and become a solid fighter- without doing any grappling or kicking, Boxing is for you. 

In Muay-Thai, you’ll learn about kicking, grappling, and striking techniques. Therefore, if you want to study that, consider Muay-Thai. Still, I encourage watching the following video to understand why Muay-Thai is more dynamic. 

#2 – Their dynamic nature.

This difference closely correlates with the last one. Today, to overcome self-defense situations- you must learn to adapt appropriately. Thus learning- is crucial for fighting. 

Muay-Thai is more dynamic than Boxing because it incorporates more techniques- such as grappling and elbowing. Because of that, you’ll become a more adaptive fighter- by doing it. As a result, they’re different in their dynamic nature. 

As much as I fancy Boxing, it’s its most prominent downside. You won’t learn any techniques- other than punching by doing it. As a result, if you’re looking to learn a dynamic fighting style- you shouldn’t practice it. 

Yet, it’s not the only factor. Instead, many influences the suitability of the martial art to your preferences. For instance, Boxing fitted me because it complimented my fighting style. As a result, sticking with it- became effortless. 

However, understand the importance of learning many techniques for fighting- as a general rule. A boxer on his back is a white belt. As a result, anyone with grappling knowledge may win a street fight against him. 

Consequently, knowing to defend yourself- will require you to learn a suitable martial art. I’ll say that Boxing is an incredible one to do so because you’ll become a solid fighter. As a result, you’ll know how to get hit without moving an inch. 

If you’re interested in learning many techniques- I encourage you to research Muay-Thai. However, if you desire to do a martial art- that’s uncomplicated- Boxing may be suitable.

#3 – Their origin

Although Boxing goes way back, it’s more of modern martial art. As a result, it’s different in its origin from Muay-Thai. Consequently, it involves distinct techniques- suitable for each of their characteristics. 

Muay-Thai and Boxing originate from different places. As a result, they’re distinct in their nature. While Boxing is more of modern martial art, Muay-Thai is from Thailand- and goes way back. For that reason, it’s called Thai-Boxing for a reason. 

Although that difference isn’t as influential as the others, it’s impactful. As a result, I encourage you to research their origins to learn more about them. Yet, it won’t assist you as much as the previous differences in choosing which one to practice. 

Read more about Muay-Thai’s origin here- and Boxing here.

Which is better- Muay-Thai or Boxing?

Comparing the value of two martial arts is impossible because each has some value. Thus they provide some benefits that may be more valuable to others. Consequently, you’ll enjoy Muay-Thai more than your friend will. Yet, let’s try and put a value on them. 

Boxing is better than Muay-Thai because of its prevalence and simplicity. You can learn to Box in a few classes. As a result, most people will find it to be more manageable. Yet, Muay-Thai may be better for some because it involves more movements, such as grappling. 

Still, putting a value on martial art is impossible. Muay-Thai is a beautiful fighting style. Most people who practice it become capable- solid fighters. You’ll learn many effective techniques- suitable for fighting and self-defense

Yet, Boxing is fantastic since it’s simple. Thus learning it will take less time than most martial arts. As such, it’s suitable for beginners. Yet, you won’t practice any advanced fighting techniques- such as grappling and kicking. As a result, you may not reach your full potential. 

Although I said Boxing was better than Muay-Thai- that’s not entirely accurate. Many people won’t enjoy Boxing because it won’t challenge them to their full potential. Although it’s challenging and demanding to stay consistent with- some may find it uncomplicated. Thus Muay-Thai will be a better- more suitable choice. 

To summarize, putting value and comparing martial arts- is impossible. 

Which is easier to learn- Muay-Thai or Boxing?

Learning any martial art will be challenging. You’ll need to stay consistent while not seeing any results. Thus having an appropriate mindset- will be crucial to your success. If you want to know how to adapt to that mindset, follow the link to an article of mine. 

Boxing is easier to learn than Muay-Thai because its basics are uncomplicated. As a result, learning them- will take less time. For instance, learning to Box can take a mere number of 4 sessions. Yet, learning to kick and grapple may take a couple of weeks. 

I must mention that learning any martial art isn’t straightforward. You’ll go through various blocks throughout your journey that’ll make you want to quit. However, keeping a strong mindset- is vital for seeing any success. That way, you’ll ensure you go through the ghost town phase. 

If you’re unfamiliar with that phase, it applies to everything you do in life. You begin anything and invest plenty of effort- with no results. The ghost town phase usually occurs in the beginning and later disappears. For instance, it took me around three months- to notice results in my Krav Maga training. 

To summarize, Boxing involves techniques that are more manageable to learn. Hence you’ll notice results sooner than if you were to learn Muay-Thai. For instance, learning the basics of Muay-Thai may take several months since it involves grappling, punching, and kicking movements. 

Is Boxing or Muay-Thai better for street fights?

Street fights are brutal, and thus you must prepare for them appropriately. Because of that, learning a suitable martial art for such a purpose- is wise. I wrote an article on the best fighting styles for street fights, and I recommend reading it. 

Muay-Thai is better than Boxing for street fights because it involves various grappling techniques. Therefore, you’ll learn to disable your opponent quickly and effectively. However, Boxing doesn’t include any movements other than striking. Hence it’s not as suitable for such a purpose.

best martial arts for fitness
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That said, you’ll become a solid fighter by doing Boxing. You’ll learn to receive hits without moving an inch. As a result, you won’t be afraid to close the distance between yourself and the other fighter. Thus knocking out your opponent quickly- becomes more manageable.  

As much as I love Boxing- Muay-Thai is honestly better. Consequently, if you desire to learn to fight that are similar to street fights- I recommend going for it.

Additionally, most street fights begin standing up and end on the ground. For that reason, Boxing isn’t as effective for the later stages of the fighting. On the other hand, Muay-Thai will assist you in learning various grappling techniques,-which are suitable for ground fights. 

Should I learn Boxing or Muay-Thai?

Choosing which martial art to learn may be incredibly challenging. Thus knowing the pros and cons of each one– is vital. If you want to know those, I wrote an article on that. However, the answer will vary depending on the person you are.

You should learn Boxing if you’re looking for a simple martial art that you can study in a few weeks. However, Muay-Thai will be more suitable for you if you’re looking for a more complex fighting style- to invest your time in doing. 

I love Boxing and Muay-Thai. In fact, I practiced both throughout my life. However, one may be more suitable for you. Likewise, I fancied learning to box since I loved the techniques you practice. Additionally, it made me a solid fighter- capable of getting hit. 

However, Muay-Thai may be more suitable for you if you’re looking to learn a variety of movements. For instance, you won’t learn to grapple in Boxing. Thus you’ll prefer doing Muay-Thai if you’re interested in learning such fighting techniques. 

Lastly, both martial arts are fantastic choices. Hence it won’t matter which one you’ll learn. Instead, most people who desire to learn to fight- will enjoy and learn from both. 

Is Boxing better than Muay-Thai for self-defense?

For self-defense, you must know a variety of techniques. Consequently, you’ll overcome different situations with ease. Thus learning a fighting style that includes more movements will be more beneficial. 

Muay-Thai is better than Boxing for self-defense because of the variety of techniques you’ll learn. For instance, it teaches its trainees grappling, kicking, elbowing, striking, and punching. On the other hand, Boxing solely teaches striking movements. 

That said, you’ll become a solid fighter by doing Boxing. In fact, you’ll learn to fight quickly. Yet, if you’re aiming for the long-term- I recommend doing Muay-Thai. Man, boxers are solid fighters. However, a boxer on his back is a white belt. Remember that. 

Will I learn Boxing in Muay-Thai?

Today, knowing to box- is crucial for self-defense. Because of that, many martial arts teach the basics of it. As a result, many martial artists know to box without learning Boxing- specifically.

Muay-Thai includes Boxing movements. As a result, you’ll learn various punching techniques and in it. For instance, you’ll practice diverse kicking and grappling techniques. 

Because of that, it’s such a dynamic fighting style. As a result, it’s suitable for self-defense and other fighting situations, such as street fights. 

Knowing to box will assist you in beating different opponents quickly. You’ll become capable of knocking out rivals effectively. The following video shows how. 


Learning a fighting style is highly beneficial. Your physical and mental health will change drastically by doing one. Because of that, there isn’t a single part of my body that’ll tell you not to begin practicing a fighting style. Yet, choosing one to study- is challenging since there’s a variety. 

Boxing and Muay-Thai are incredible martial arts- capable of making anyone a solid fighter. Although they’re similar, they’re somewhat different. For instance, Muay-Thai teaches you more fighting movements, such as grappling and kicking. However, Boxing is simpler. Thus you’ll learn the basics of it in less time. 


I've served in the military as a special forces operator for 4-years. In that period, I've trained in many martial arts, including karate, MMA, BJJ, boxing, and even Krav Maga. I want to share my passion with you, so here it is!

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